Family days at the bowling alley

With prices inexorably increasing and most of the country on a pay freeze, fewer of us are finding it as easy as it used to be to go on our yearly family holiday abroad, and even family holidays in the UK can be prohibitively expensive for many people. Sitting at home is not an option either; after months of hard work mum and dad need a break and the kids really do need to do something with all that pent-up energy.

Even if a family holiday really is unaffordable this year, it is still possible to have family fun days out without spending too much money. There are many such opportunities, but one that you might not have considered is a visit to a bowling alley.

If you haven’t been to a bowling alley for some years, you might be a little surprised at how they have developed in recent times. Modern bowling alleys are very different from how they used to be in the 1980s; nowadays they are bang up to date entertainment centres with fun activities suitable for all ages.

Even if you have never bowled before, it really is not that difficult to start. There is always somebody willing to show the total novice how to bowl and it is amazing at how quickly people of all ages, from the young to the really quite old, pick it up. Before you know it, you will bowl your first strike and what could be more satisfying than that? After just a few games you will feel confident in your abilities and probably you will be trying out a few of the more sophisticated bowling techniques.

Laser Quaser is another fun activity that you will find at several locations. This is a great adventure where you will be armed with a laser gun and, wearing body armour, your mission will be to shoot members of the opposing team whilst stalking the enemy and hiding out in a futuristic landscape.

For the smallest members of your party often there are areas where even the under threes can have loads of fun in a totally safe environment, whilst the older kids can spend time playing pool or trying out their skills at the numerous arcade games.

A great way to save some money whist enjoying your day at the bowling alley is to use some tenpin vouchers. Tenpin runs 38 bowling alleys across the UK and it is the largest bowling alleys chain in the nation. Tenpin vouchers can save you up to 60% of the price not only of bowling but also of other fun activities such as Quasar; there are even discounts on fizzy drinks.