Catering for corporate events—the basics

Any caterer is bound to deal with corporate clients at one time or another, and with these types of events it’s vital that everything goes according to plan. Expectations will be high with such clientele expecting more than your average soiree, so here’s a quick run-through of corporate catering basics:

• Determine the style of the event. The style of the event will dictate the menu, the setting and the overall atmosphere, so it’s important that the caterer understands everything from the level of formality to the number of guests anticipated.
• Work with the client to devise the ideal menu. Getting the menu right will of course be vital, and in this type of setting it’s vital to work with the client to ensure everything comes together. It’s important to know the budget and the type of food service required (buffet or sit down meal, for example) as well as any special dietary requirements, devising a menu that hits all the right notes.
• Go high-end. Any corporation is going to want to make the right impression, and that means they’ll invariably want a high-end event to appeal to delegates. As such, the caterer should always put that at the top of the agenda to create an occasion that’s classy and sophisticated to meet the corporate standard.
• Prep time is your friend. Preparation is vital for any kind of event, but it’s even more important in corporate settings—nothing can be left to chance and that means dishes need to be tested before-hand, setting up should begin hours in advance and the right supplies should be readily available, ensuring that everything comes together for the perfect result.

This is just a basic overview of what should be considered when catering for corporate events, and as long as the caterer spends time to plan wisely they’ll be able to offer a flawless food service for an event that’s bound to impress.

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