How To Combat The Flu

With the arrival of winter tone of the most common ailments that attacks the masses is flu. The period between October to March is most crucial because colds and the dreaded flu can strike at any time. Then the question arises how to combat the flu? A research study reveals that on an average 25 percent of Americans catch the flu and at least goes through 2 colds a year. The best approach to combat the flu is to keep your body healthy and strong and improve its immune system. It is always better to keep away from over-the-counter drugs and antibiotics. So, the best way is to go for natural/ herbal remedies.

In case you are at the early stages of the cold or flu, immediately try to get rest/sleep for a longer duration of time and this will help your body to regain its equilibrium. Apart from this, take in a lot of liquids such as water or fresh juices.

For further deliberations on how to combat the flu let us discuss the benefits of the following natural remedies.

.Taking elderberry extract in syrup form has been used for centuries as a remedy for the common cold and flu.

.Zinc is very effective for combating the flu. You may take zinc lozenges to reduce and prevent colds in children.

.Take echinacea to combat colds and the flu. Using 3-4 drops of it in tincture form in every 3-4 hours is very effective in checking your cold and flu in a natural way.

.Uncooked garlic contains allicin that works as antibiotic in our body. So, eat as much fresh garlic as you can. This will facilitate in combating flu.

.Drink tea or herbal tea with honey. It will soothe sore a throat. You can also take as much green and black tea as you can to improve your immune system.

.The best way to boost your immune system is to take Vitamin C every day.

.You can take slippery elm and marshmallow for an irritated throat and cough.

.Inhaling eucalyptus oil by putting five drops of the same in a hot bath or a cup of water provides relief to your flu.

.As per a study conducted recently, kids who took a vitamin D supplement during cold and flu season were twice as likely to avoid the flu as kids who took a placebo. So one must take vitamin D-enriched foods like juices, dairy, and soy products. You can also take mushrooms which are also a good dietary source of vitamin D. However, one should not take more than 2000 IU of vitamin D each day.

.Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Drink at least eight glasses a day. You can also take freshly prepared lemon juice or fruit juice diluted with water. Just avoid sugary juices.

.Research result shows that fresh yogurt has got “good bacteria” that can facilitate improving your flu condition by boosting the immune system.

.Cigarettes and alcohol hinder your body’s ability to fight ailment. So avoid this when you have caught flu.

The above natural means of combating flu are certainly the perfect answer to the basic question – how to combat the Flu? Apart from this, also keep some other natural tips also in mind. Wash your hands properly and avoid touching your face/ mouth. Never cough into your hand rather use the elbow crook to “catch” your cough or sneeze. Ensure 20-30 minutes of fast walking 5 days a week. This will not only facilitate in giving a boost to your immune system but also relieving your stress. Remember stress makes you more susceptible to cold and flu and exercise acts as a remedy in combating the flu.

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