Symptoms of High Cholesterol And Their Effects

High cholesterol symptoms are seldom experienced or noticed Individuals typically do not know how to identify high cholesterol symptoms since it is rarely sensed or noticed. Cholesterol levels of an individual cannot be easily measured or noticed. Due to this, if cholesterol levels aren’t properly handled for a long period of time, actual health conditions usually develop.

The only method to know actual amount of cholesterol in your blood is to have a lipid panel test. This will provide information about the amount of the different kinds of cholesterol seen in your blood. High cholesterol symptoms could be prevented with increased knowledge regarding your present cholesterol level. This may buy you a chance to search for natural ways to bring down the cholesterol levels in your blood and avoid using pharmaceutical drugs for maintenance of cholesterol levels.

The relative amounts of good and bad cholesterol in your bloodstream is likewise revealed by the lipid panel. This ratio of bad to good cholesterol is a crucial value in finding out the risks of having cardiovascular disease attributable to cholesterol. Other inflammatory indicators including C reactive protein and homocysteine must likewise be looked at to evaluate the risks of some other ailments.

Listed below are the most usual high cholesterol symptoms:
. An ongoing feeling of light headedness or prolonged dizziness
. Abrupt discomfort or unfamiliar pain of the neck, back, shoulders, and arms
. Clammy skin and cold sweats
. Difficulty breathing
. Nausea/vomiting due to chest pains
. Radiating pain from chest to right arm
. Foggy headedness, sleepiness and loss of consciousness

Keep in mind that these are associated symptoms caused by high cholesterol levels in the blood but not actually high cholesterol symptoms. Furthermore, it is vital that your inflammatory markers are monitored regularly even though the levels of cholesterol in your blood are not that high. Inflammation can still damage the arteries even you have low cholesterol levels.

A typical range of ailments that may also be attributed to high cholesterol symptoms are the stroke-related diseases. An ischemic stroke takes place when arterial plaque breaks off to travel in the blood vessels. A hemorrhagic stroke happens when the artery wall is ruptured because of hypertension. Hemorrhagic stroke and Ischemic stroke are very dangerous.

The most common symptoms of stroke are as follows
. Loss of coordination and balance and difficulty in walking
. Numbness and/or weakening of arms, legs and the face on one side of the body
. Dizziness, blurry vision, slurred speech or confusion
. Nausea and/or vomiting, convulsions, fainting, or possibly coma

The symptoms of stroke are indirect symptoms of high cholesterol levels. High cholesterol symptoms can also be manifestations of the presence of clogged blood vessels in the body. Apart from high cholesterol levels, there are other reasons an individual develops medical problems. For example, mental conditions or problems with the brain could possibly be caused by hormonal unbalances, and so forth.

It is suggested that you seek medical attention after encountering any of the symptoms earlier mentioned. It requires a medical professional to assess and determine accordingly your present medical conditions. Although you may have turned to natural ways of lowering cholesterol levels, attending to the symptoms promptly is required to avoid bigger complications.

Also, don’t attempt to diagnosis and treat your condition all by yourself
. Such high cholesterol symptoms lead to situations that are a matter of life and death. Seek professional guidance for evaluation and treatment. Even if you have balanced cholesterol levels, manifestations of high cholesterol symptoms should provide sufficient warning in reducing serious heart conditions.

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