True Health Requires Detoxification

Detoxification. Its not exactly something that brings fond memories to mind, and is more likely associated with Uncle Willie’s whiskey problem than a way to achieve optimal health. However, make no mistake about it, we all have a level of toxins in our bodies, and there’s only one way out, and thats through various “exits” in the body.

Now before I go any further, let me clarify something. I do realize that there are 2 ways “out” for a newborn, but lets make a blanketing statement and say for this argument that there is only one and thats out of the woman’s body. Same goes for detoxification – there is more than one way, but again, it has to come out of your body.

So now that we have those semantics covered, lets move on.

Detoxification is Essential to Health

I find that something that is hard to come to grips for people is the fact that they need detoxification, and the fact that the process is likely to cause symptoms that they may not appreciate. I realize that it would be ridiculously awesome if those toxins could just evaporate, but unfortunately the detoxification process does not work that way.

Anytime your body temperature heats up, you sweat, you smell, you eliminate like gun fire, your skin erupts like discovered landmines, and your breath peels chrome off a trailer hitch, its highly likely that your body is doing its damndest to eliminate a build up of toxins through every channel possible.

Lets talk about your body cranking up the internal furnace. It does this on purpose – to heat up the pathogen or toxin to a point that it can be destroyed. Anytime you have a fever, or feel hot, theres a good chance that your body is responding to a foreign invader and is doing its best to get them out of its kitchen by cranking up the burners so its so insufferable it just plain leaves your system.

Toxins also don’t smell right coming out of your body. If you find you have a bad case of body odour that just will never leave you, even after a 45 minute shower, chances are you have a toxin load you need to deal with and your body is doing its best without your help to eliminate that through the largest organ it has, the skin.

But maybe body odour isn’t your issue. Perhaps your handcuffed to the elimination station and afraid to leave for fear of a simple misstep that might make you the poster child for Depends. This is a classic sign of detoxification and one of the quickest ways to get rid of toxins in your body.

Another familiar reaction is the first high school dance syndrome. Nothing, but nothing will cover up these swelling anthills no matter how many Mary Kay products you can slap on your face. When toxins decide to leave your body through your pores, it will aggravate the skin at the surface due to its acidic nature. There’s not much you can do about it other than facilitate the detoxification so you eliminate them more quickly. A sign of clear, clean skin is a body that has a very low or non-existent toxin load.

There is one more orifice to consider…your mouth. Have you ever noticed how people offer you gum all the time or speak to you from a distance? Perhaps its your spitting problem, but its also possible that your breath smells like a field of garlic. There is a variety of reasons this could be, including that homemade caesar salad, but it could also occur if you go through detoxification and it chooses that as one of its paths to get out of your system. Again, a positive development for you, but not your coworkers.

How do I know this? Well, first of all I understand the body very well and know there is always a method behind its madness. It has no greater urgency than to keep you in as great health as it can, given your treatment of it. Secondly, I went through it, and for a significant period of time so I was fortunate enough to experience all the symptoms, and as I’m reminded by my wife, she did as well.

The sacrifices one makes through exchanging wedding vows.

One thing is for sure – you need to perform a detoxification program at least once a year, preferable 3-4 times a year, and you need to prepare yourself to feel flu like symptoms as the body prepares to eliminate toxins the only way it can – from the inside out.

But like childbirth, you quickly forget the pain and realize that it wasn’t so bad given the gift you received on the other end of the ordeal.

The best things in life don’t come easy, but it makes you appreciate the end result that much more.

Now go forth and eliminate.

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