Health – Focus on Quality

I’ve heard the faulty argument time and time again…”just because you are eating healthier, doesn’t necessarily mean you will live any longer than me!”. Yes, family members like to sometimes get the best of us when we endeavour to make positive changes, but I’ve learned to punch holes in their positions all day long. That’s because in the end, you can’t “poo-poo” health and expect to be right. It’s not my rule or law, but I know if it is not followed you will pay, physically and monetarily, at some point.

There’s two ways you can live life, and how exceptional it is will often be determined by the state of your health. Lets examine two principles that people often get mixed up.

Quantity of Life

Much to my naysayers chagrin, my quantity of life is not my primary purpose of being healthier.

Yes, its all possible…I could get hit by a bus, fall off a cliff, be caned to death by a 97 year old jujitsu master gone AWOL, and contract a cancer germ at any second. The odds might be a likely as being hit by a Soviet satellite, but still, they’re there.

I also realize I have several family members and family friends who have somehow lived to their 70’s and didn’t eat one organic morsel or do anything in particular to safeguard their health. Now, they may be the equivalent to the walking dead, are dazed and confused from drugs or other toxins, and may have had painful arthritis for the past 20 years, but still…they’re not in that casket yet!

Quantity means very little to me. Would I like to live to 100? Sure. Do I want to spend the last 10 years of my life in a rocking chair watching Matlock reruns? No (with major emphasis).

Quantity means squat unless you have…

Quality of Life

Now, this is where it counts.

Thanks to modern conventional medicine, we have been able to extend our lifespans another 10-20 years. Surgical procedures and pharmaceutical drugs have allowed us to extend our time on the planet, and given us more years to spend with our loved ones.

Often in pain, confusion, and general crankiness.

What none of these procedures can do is extend my quality of life. Sure, they can keep me alive, which is important to many people, but they can’t increase the quality of my life.

The only way to increase your quality of health is to focus on avoiding toxins and stress, and consume nutrient dense foods that deliver the nutrients necessary to keep me healthy, happy, and clear minded.

If I had a choice to live to 110 and be in pain the last 20 years, or live to 90 and be golfing up to the last day my body pulls the switch, I will choose the latter.

I think any sane person, who could compare pain to health and happiness in terms of how it feels, will always choose the latter. If not, your freakin’ sadistic.

How you choose to feed your body and mind will determine whether you get the quality of life you deserve. You get to make the decision on what path you would rather take.

If living to you is a 6 pack, hot dog, and a sunburn, then you and I are not on the same page. We are not in the same library.

Living happy and healthy to me is the definition of life. I aim to put things into my body that sustain or promote life, not degrade or kill it. The goal is to “do no harm” first, then improve it in different ways possible.

Now, lets not hear any more stories of grandma living to 107, unless she just finished up a round of golf. Then I will be impressed.

By the way, I’m searching for other golf partners as well…we have a lot of rounds to shoot over the next 60 years.


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