Find an Easy Way to Health

If you want to be successful at anything, you need to be careful who you follow and who you believe. The same principle is definitely applicable with your health, and by extension, your nutrition. With all the opinions and ideas of people who have no experience and no real interest of the subject other than to sell stories, it can become confusing to the point you just want to wave your hands in the air and say “Screw it! I’m dipping this 400 calories of donut in my coffee for the rest of my life!” Before you make a fool of yourself in Tim Horton’s or Starbucks, lets see if we can send you down the grocery aisle without calling in the white coats.

Don’t Regularly Indulge in Nasty Ingredients

First of all, there are some ingredients you should watch for because on their own they are not good for you health. Some are in health products, which can help neutralize the side effects of these ingredients, but mostly they are found in foods and beverages, which are of no use to your body. Also, check out the typical foods to avoid that most do not, at the sacrifice of their health (note that soda is not included in the list as I do not consider it a “food”, and the two most harmful ingredients are already listed in the top 10 ingredient deal breakers).

Stop Counting Calories Already

Counting calories could only have become a fad for one reason – someone told us that the reason we were obese is we consumed too many calories, and expended few. While I admit that has some truth, the fact that we even adopt calorie counting is completely backwards because if you eat the right mix of whole foods, including 70% fruits and vegetables, you will never have to worry about weight. Calorie counting is a merely a reflection of a society not eating the right foods to nourish their body.

If you progress to the produce aisle more over time, you will find that your calorie counting days are numbered.

Take the Toxins Out

No doubt you have heard this one but it bears repeating. Eat as little as food as possible that is toxic. All the ingredient deal breakers and typical foods to avoid are toxic.

Disease really is the result of toxins in your system that your body has failed to get out. Period. Everyone accumulates them at different speeds depending on what you have consumed and been exposed to over your lifetime, and what you have done, if anything, to get them out.

Think of it this way. You have a cup that represents your body and it can handle so many toxins before it breaks down and disease manifests itself in your genetic weakness. You want to do everything in your power to keep that cup from overflowing, because once it does, the disease process settles in and will makes its appearance sooner than later.

Toxins are also the primary reason we are overweight, not calories (although many of the high calorie foods we eat are loaded with toxins so often they go hand in hand).

If you want to understand how toxins ruin our weight loss goals, check out why you should stop counting calories and start reading ingredient labels.

Listen to the Coroners Report and Trace the Steps

I’m a firm believer that you can learn a lot from people’s success by following them, and the same goes for people’s mistakes. That’s why I find the leading cause of deaths in the country as a key piece of information to the trends and how you can get out of them while there is still time.

Everyone eventually will meet their final rest, but the way they do it in today’s age is not the way it should go down. The average person spends 18 months in extreme pain battling a disease in front of friends and family before they finally go down for the count. Who wants to deal with that prospect? Not me.

If you look at the top 3 diseases you get heart disease, cancer, and stroke. Obviously the things we are doing largely as a society are not working to stave off these very preventable diseases.

So learn from the dead and find out what you can do about it to avoid the same mistake they made.

Make Health Simple

When we boil it down, there are really only 4 things that cause ill health, and if we can figure out how to progressively get better at each of them, our health will have no choice but to improve over the long term.

Of course, getting the 4 things right is not as easy as breathing, but with a little research you can really make a significant difference in your life with a few switches.

You can find out the 4 ways to stop sickness forever and set yourself up for a life of health and happiness.

In the End Health is Not Complicated

As typically is the case, society somehow managed to take an easy subject and confuse it for everybody to the point that they just want to quit. Like anything, when this happens you need to go back to your roots and find someone you know and trust (and that may be yourself), who you can follow and train with until you become your own health Jedi.

With the internet it has become easier to find lots of information, but sorting it out and distilling it down to something you can use on a day to day basis can be much more challenging. I went through that process and am happy to come out the other end with no fears of ill health and no apprehension of who to believe.

The reality is, there are lots of people willing to lead…the question is, are you ready to follow?

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