Kids Health – Are You a Lucky Parent?

Don’t you love it when you are lucky? Like when you roll up the rim to win, or win a free ticket to a rock concert? When things like that happen, you can say that luck may have played a role. However, do you get the luck card thrown in your lap about how your child never gets sick, sleeps well, or is just plain happy? Before you grind your teeth down, let’s look at appropriate responses to being extremely lucky.

Your Kids Health is Not the Luck of the Draw

First of all, people who attribute your child’s demeanor, health, or sleep patterns to luck are just plain ill informed. How your child acts, gets sick, and sleeps is largely a result of proper nutrition and a healthy atmosphere.

My wife and I get this all the time. We’ve been lucky for 2 and a half years.that’s a long stretch of luck. Our son has always slept excellent, had a great attitude, and has never been sick longer than a 48-hour period. His immune system’s ability to fight bacteria and viruses allows him to take care of business and get back to normal.

However, I can’t tell you how many times we have been told we were very lucky, and the next kid is always the worst. Yes, if you are not getting it now, you are definitely going to get it later. I love the ominous words of a jealous parent whose kids have not been shining examples of health.

What most people don’t see is what happens on a day-to-day basis. The organics, purified water, juicing, smoothies, whole foods, supplements, natural cleaning products, and natural remedies. It all takes a considerable amount of work, and to call it luck is extremely disrespectful.

So the next time someone says you are lucky in respect to your kid’s health, consider the following answers:

– You bet I am! I’m not sure why I even bother to spend 25% more on organic food when all I have to do is feed him Happy Meals 7 days a week to boost his intake of hydrogenated fats, hormones, antibiotics, and sugar which are all well documented as superior immune boosting foods.

– No kidding? I never even thought of that as an option. I’m taking back my juicer and blender because really, what’s the point of feeding my kid power packed nutritious and living foods when I have been living underneath the right sign this whole time!

– And here I spent that extra time making that natural household cleaner to keep the chemicals out of the air and all I really needed to do was realize my luck would neutralize all of it?

– So you’re saying that instead of me eating extremely well, and breastfeeding my child, that I could have eaten junk and fed him formula and got the same result? Wow, is my face red!

Another option is to ask questions because people really don’t have reasons for what they say, as they are often out of emotion. Try things like:

– Really? What makes you say that? (Prepare for awkward pause and irrational gibberish)

– Is that so? Do you have experience in luck and how it works? I’d like to learn more on how to harness it for the lottery.

– Interesting. So if I carry around a rabbit’s foot, does that negate the luck or make it more powerful?

Then sit back and wait for the infinite wisdom to start raining over you.

Aren’t you glad you understand your kid’s health?

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