Liver Health – Summer Days Destroy It

Have you ever heard someone say in the dead of summer, “I’m going to do a 2 week cleanse”? I mean, I’m sure its happened but for most people summer time is the opportunity to give into all your hedonistic desires you worked for all spring long. That is, all those things that will slap your liver around like a bouncer at a cowboy bar. What is it about summer that has our liver working out, while we chill?

Two words: Beverages and BBQ.


One of the first things someone talks about (at least in these here parts) when summer rolls around are decks and beer. As soon as the first chance opens up to turn on the patio heaters and sit in a ray of sunshine while clasping an ice cold Bud Light Lime, us Northern people flock to them like 50 something’s to the stage at a Tom Jones concert. Its just natural and almost comes to us like a maternal instinct.

If its not beer, then its one of the other bazillion choices in wine, hard liquor, cocktails, mojitos.really if it has alcohol content and is tasty, someone is drinking it on a deck or in a backyard somewhere.

For those folk who abstain from alcohol, chances are you are quaffing back the diet coke, or 7up and doing the good deed of being a designated driver for all your drunken friends.

The trouble with any of these beverages is that they contain alcohol (I know, that’s the point, let me finish) and often sugary or artificial flavors (see: High Fructose Corn Syrup, Aspartame, Glucose), and that’s not a good mix (even though it may taste extraordinary). All those ingredients are intoxicating (again, hold off, I know that’s the point) and work your liver like Mike Tyson in his heyday.

The reason for your hangover is a complicated mess, but bottom line is that your Jack left you with the next best thing to a heart attack – which is a backed up liver.


Ahhh, the sights, smells, and the sounds of the grilling season. People flock to neighbor’s yards to check out what’s cooking, and even the most discriminate of tastes often find a BBQ too much to deny.

For most BBQ specialists, nothing is safe. It starts with beef, makes its way to pork, then comes the chicken, and don’t forget the fish (but please forget the hot dogs). The spices, sauces, and marinating that goes on before the big event – you could swear that this was a job for these people (minus the fact that most people dislike their jobs).

But..(you knew it was coming.)

First of all, if the meat is not AT LEAST hormone and antibiotic free, you are ingesting unnecessary toxins. That’s before we even discuss the cleanliness of most pork products and the toxins they contain before they even decide to medicate or inject them. The sodium and nitrites in hot dogs adds to the debauchery.

Then, we go and add commercial spices that contain preservatives like sodium benzoate and flavor enhancers like MSG. Some even add hydrogenated oils to the mix! Add that to a high sugar sauce, with more of the same ingredients and you have a hot mess on your hands.

I know, but ohhh it tastes so good.

No wonder most people are packing it in a few hours after by napping in their lawn chair. The body has geared right down to deal with the toxic load you just dumped in it with reckless abandon.

Don’t Take Away Summer!

Ok, lets work some middle ground.

Make your consumption of alcoholic beverages sociable, not an eyesore. Make them as clean as possible by trying an organic beer, or making raspberry vodka with real raspberry juice and some carbonated water if you need that “spritz”.

When it comes to BBQ, try un-medicated pieces of meat or go organic. You will be pleasantly surprised at the taste. Cut out the commercially made spices and make your own blend, or go for ones with very few ingredients. Whip up your own sauce and cut back on the sugar so you can avoid those harmful ingredients. Don’t feel the need to fire back 3 burgers and 2 hot dogs in a sitting either, which is pure murder on your gastrointestinal system (not to mention your family, and significant other who has to sleep with you later).

If you can do these 2 things, you’ve cleaned up your summer habits to a point that you can enjoy a healthier BBQ and breaking out the bottles.


Just make sure you do that liver cleanse after the party called summer is over.

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