Pain – Get Rid of It

No one appreciates dealing with pain. Yet so few people are either educated or care to take steps to increase their odds of not having to go through it. It’s simply not sexy to eat raw food, demolish smoothies, inhale supplements, and talk about your juicer. At least for the mainstream its not.

However, people that do all those things regularly tend to be a lot healthier, and in my opinion, a lot sexier than those who don’t. These people are often not in pain, not depressed, are in great shape, and radiate a certain glow you can only get with that type of diet.

But many were not always that way.

Pain Can Put You On the Right Path

In my experience, people who now have radiant health once suffered in horrible pain. They went to doctors who couldn’t help them, and searched for ways to alleviate their discomfort with conventional methods and no results. They were basically on a dead end road to nowhere and out of gas.

Then they found someone that could help. Quite often, it wasn’t another doctor. It’s often someone with no credentials, letters, or lab coat. Just someone who had a similar story, who reached out and offered to help their fellow man. Someone who had results, and proof. Someone who went through it, and through his or her own journey discovered a way to be pain free.

These are the people you want to follow. This is how you start to end your pain. This is how you learn from experience, get support, and know you are not alone.

Is there a magic bullet to end all pain and suffering? Short of turning off the TV during election time, no.

There are some basic principles. Like avoid toxins like you would the slap chop guy after a night of drunken debauchery. Reduce personal stress and electromagnetic frequencies. Consume nutrient dense foods, and supplement in areas you lack.

With the worldwide intra-web there is plenty of information, but the key is sorting through it and finding what works for you. You can fast track the process by finding larger names on social media sites and see who follows them or vice versa. This gets you into the community.

No one wants to live in pain, and you don’t have to because there are people who can help you. You just need to know who to follow.

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