pH Balance – Key to Good Health

If you’ve ever owned an aquarium full of fish, you know that ph is critical to that ecosystem remaining clear and healthy. If it gets a few points off, the water starts to turn green and murky.and a few more points will leave your fish belly up. Fool with your body’s pH balance and you could soon be belly up too.

Whats a good pH Balance?

A generally accepted pH balance for a perfect state of health in human beings is between 7.2 and 7.4.. 1 point in the pH scale is significant. For example, 6.5 would be considered an “average” state of health, where 5.5 is a “cancerous” environment.

What is truly scary is that the majority of foods eaten today are on the acidic side of the equation. Coffee, dairy, meat, and grains are all considered to have an acidic effect in the body yet that makes up the majority of people’s diets in North America. The mass majority of fruits and vegetables have an alkaline effect on the body, yet that’s what the majority of peoples diets are lacking.

This is all before we even talk about America’s addiction to soda, coffee, and bottled water.

Let’s take a look at the shocking pH balance values of some of the most common beverages consumed on the planet today:

Coke – 2.5
Diet Coke – 3.7
7-up/Sprite – 3.38

Tim Horton’s – 5.18
McDonalds – 5.18
Starbucks – 5.5

Dasani – 5.2
Aquafina – 5.4


The fact that bottled water is under the “cancerous” pH balance level, and that Coke is the next best thing to battery acid is a real eye opener. How could water become acidic? Consider what it’s bottled in and there’s likely your answer. Another less popular but high end water that’s bottled in glass actually achieved a 7 on the pH scale.

Diet Coke did have a higher alkalinity, but the effects of aspartame far outweigh any perceived benefit of switching to it from regular Coke.

Now, if you have a soda once in a while (like once a week) and maintain a decent diet your body will not turn into a battery after drinking it. Your body is much too clever to allow that. BUT, when you consider that most people are consuming a soda, coffee, or bottled water once a day, over time that will significantly lower your pH balance, and begin the invitation for disease.

In fact, on average it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that 75% of people will consume a soda a day, and the same for coffee. Day after day, year after year, the body gets worn down and starts doing things like taking calcium from bones (hello osteoporosis) to try and achieve that pH balance it so desperately needs to stay healthy.meanwhile the person does not even know that they are reaching or in the deadly cancerous zone. Most think it just “pops” up but nothing could be further from the truth.its always lurking waiting to manifest itself in a serious way that finally gets you to the hospital to check it out.

So what can you do?

A start would be to wean off the sodas, use filtered water and place it in a glass bottle, and cut back or cut out regular coffee and look for alternatives. After that, start incorporating more fruits and vegetables at the expense of grains and animal protein.

If you can’t imagine life without your soda, coffee, or plastic bottled water 2-3x a day, and your pizza, pasta, and pork chops, then make peace with yourself that at some point your body will hold a reckoning. It may not be what you want to hear, but I’m not going to be the one to point you in the wrong direction. I didn’t make the rules, but I do follow them and my wife thinks I’m pretty damn sexy and thanks me for being so diligent.

A proper pH balance definitely has its benefits. 🙂

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