Weight Loss – Don’t Fall for Scams

It’s time for an equation that makes sense. For years people have been trying to put 2 and 2 together and have been getting 3 all day long. They have yet to realize the constant in the equation has rarely been constant and the formula is doomed as long as it stays that way. So lets skip over the math and get down to basics on why you can’t achieve your ultimate desire for weight loss and achieve permanent results.

Weight Loss – Why Is It So Tough?

We have been infatuated with calories, programs, and exercise to lose the spare tire and cover we have been working on since we left high school. The problem is that less calories, weight loss programs, and exercise often don’t work on their own or long enough to create a sustainable slimmer lifestyle.

This is a by-product of a instant gratification society where cutting out some meals, drinking some shakes, applying cellulite creams, and exercising like a UFC Champion for 2 weeks are common methods to weight loss.

Let me be clear before the screaming deafens me.

I do believe that calories have importance, that there is some weight loss programs that do work (although very few), and that exercise can dramatically alter a person’s weight. After all, The Biggest Loser is a fine example of that.

However, like The Biggest Loser, people can rarely sustain these activities at home because they are doing it for the wrong reasons.

What are the Wrong Reasons?

If your approach to weight loss is attached to your ego, your course of action is as superficial as Paris Hilton’s love for Chihuahua’s. This means that if how you look in a mirror, or more accurately how you feel people see that person in the mirror is your entire objective, you are doing it for the wrong reasons as admirable as they may be at the time.

I have seen time and time again weight loss goals being set prior to a hot vacation, wedding, or graduation. These are all temporary events in which you want to look good in a swimsuit, dress, or tux and often have little to do with the right reason.

What is the Right Reason?

The right reason is you respect yourself, your body, and have a healthy fear of the disease process. This is not a fear that consumes you, but more of a respect for what top-notch health can do for you and the repercussions if you fail to follow some basic principles.

Weight Loss should NOT Be the Primary Motive

For some people, who get it right in my opinion, weight loss is not their primary objective for eating foods you normally scoff at in the produce aisle. They simply eat to live, not live to eat. There’s a big difference.

People who live to eat consider food a means to satisfy their hunger and fill their belly. Their concern doesn’t lie in the fact that the nutrients they receive from the food may resemble enriched Styrofoam, and that it is deteriorating their health. Toxins cause weight gain that’s very difficult to lose since most go at it the wrong way. I’ve chronicled that in a previous blog.

People who eat to live consider food a means to satisfy their body’s requirements to remain in optimum health and feel great every day. They also enjoy taste, but learn that it can come from foods that create energy and health, not fatigue and disease. Weight loss becomes an automatic by-product of that process.

That’s a big difference.

Your Mindset is Key

If your weight loss goals are short term or for superficial reasons, they are doomed to fail. No matter how effective the flab master, trim fast, or temporary ball-busting workouts you engage yourself in are, they will all be for naught.

However, if you decide you HAVE to change, your body NEEDS a reset, you are at the end of the line of how your body feels, and you want to feel good permanently no matter what the cost, THEN you can achieve a lifetime of wellness.

Then you can start searching for health coaches, mentors, nutritionists, naturopaths, and information from respected sources online that can set your desires into action. After all, although reading is great exercise for the eyes and mind, it does nothing your thighs.

So start respecting yourself and realize YOU DESERVE your optimum weight permanently and the good health that goes with it. You can achieve healthy weight loss. You will get there.

Now go get ’em tiger!

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