Vaccinations – Toxic Partnership

I enjoy a good movie from time to time. Depending on my mood it could be a comedy, drama, suspense, documentary.anything but horror works fine. So when I came across a letter that was recently posted showing the new tactics of the health industry on vaccination schedules, two movies clashed for me – Dumb and Dumber and Supersize Me.

Dumb and Dumber – A Mindless Classic

One of my favorite lines from this movie came from scene where Lloyd traded in the van for “the hog” that gets 70 mpg. Harry describes the conventional health industry very well when he tells Lloyd “just when I didn’t think you could get any stupider, you go and do this…and totally redeem yourself!”.

Well-said Harry. Well said.

Super Size Me

In case you’ve been living in a cave, this documentary showcased how the fast food industry is destroying our health, with specific aim being taken in this film at McDonald’s.

In the end, the poor fellow who volunteered his body to MacDonald’s for 30 days straight of fast food, met his match. Apparently we endorse the same type of behavior for children. Get ’em started early!

Vaccination Letter

Recently a letter from an unnamed health care department made its way onto the Internet. It was a not so subtle reminder that someone’s child was not up to date on the shots that they NEED before reaching the age of two. There was a special reminder that the shots are FREE (emphasis from the letter) and you could even get a FREE ride to clinic as well. Man, I love how they look out for us.

The Toxic Offer

Now, if the threat of disease was not enough to scare you into getting your child’s vaccinations that they are desperately out of date on, there is now an offer, a coupon if you will, to grease the dial pad on your phone (before and after you redeem it) so you can make sure to get your precious one booked in.

Wait for it..

You can now get a FREE (emphasis from the letter) $20 McDonalds gift card when your child gets recommended shots before their second birthday. All you have to do is have the letter signed on the back, mail it to them no later than 30 days after your child’s second birthday, and you will receive the gift card in the mail once “we receive proof that your child got the shots.”

I get especially warm and fuzzy with the closing greeting “best wishes for a healthy future”.

The Stupidity

In between the horror and the comedy, I found the Silver Lining in this particular letter.

The “incentive” in this letter is clearly a result of parents refusing to get their child’s shots, otherwise why offer up the cheesy (pun intended) gift certificate at McDonald’s if the door at the vaccination office is already being swung off its hinges?

Answer – there is no other reason.

So now, if you do decide to go get your shots, you can follow up that toxicity by going to McDonald’s and loading up on antibiotics, hormones, hydrogenated fats, HFCS, and caramel coloring, so you can return to the clinic again for a direct injection of antibiotics to “cure” the ailments from your previous shot and McDonald’s coupon redemption. Then you can go to McDonald’s again as an apology to your child for being in the hospital, which can then be followed up eventually with another clinic visit.

Shrewd marketing.

The only thing left is for a pediatrician to dispense the fries with a HFCS laced lollipop as a special treat.

The Anger

As upset as I initially was by the letter, I actually laughed after. I realized how desperate the authorities are to exert and maintain a power that is now going back into the hands of the people who are becoming educated on the dangers surrounding their health and their children.

The Acceptance

As sad as it is for me to say it, more people will likely take them up on their offer than not. This comes from a lack of education and awareness of how these 2 agencies can team up to give your child’s immune system a serious smack down.

However, I know I can only do what’s best for my family and align with others who do the same and spread the word as far as their voice allows them.

So do your part, and if you believe this is ridiculous, make sure other people know. Shock them into something – anything! Out of sleep at least!

Only then can we end this recurring vaccination nightmare.

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