Natural Antibiotic – Colloidal Silver

It’s one of the most commonly used “cure-alls” today – antibiotics. But are they really curing anything, or are they just making the problems worse? Find out why nature’s antibiotic, colloidal silver, should be considered to take out unwanted bacteria and restore a healthy immune system.

Purpose of Conventional Antibiotics

Antibiotics started to become mainstream in the late 1930’s and were used as an “effective” way to treat bacterial infections. If you had been exposed and as a result come down with any type of bacterial infection, antibiotics was the magic potion that would take out the unwanted bacteria and bring you back to health.

Side Effects of Conventional Antibiotics

Unfortunately, antibiotic use is a double-edged sword.

The purpose of antibiotics is to wipe out any foreign bacteria so that the immune system can put up a good fight in restoring your health. The only problem is, that antibiotics wipe out ANY bacteria it can in your system.

Those that understand that body know that all bacteria are not bad, or even unwanted. In fact, there are several million friendly bacteria in your intestinal system that create the delicate balance required to maintain a healthy immune system.

Your shot of antibiotics is equivalent to taking Round Up to your lush green lawn, in order to take out a few bad weeds. Sure, the weeds will die a quick death, but so will your lawn. In the end, all you have left is dead spots where nothing will grow without intense rehabilitation or replanting.

This is what people do to their gut flora when they take antibiotics.

Nature’s Antibiotic – Colloidal Silver

There are several anti-bacterial foods that can prevent and even remove unwanted bacteria from your system. Some of these foods include garlic, mushroom extracts, cinnamon, oregano, and olive leaf.

However, in recent years, colloidal silver has received some attention from medical experts who recognize that it is a highly powerful germicidal, antibacterial, and antifungal, and is also entirely non-toxic to humans.

Consider the following, from

“Properly-prepared silver treatments have no negative side effects and do not harm the good intestinal bacteria that are otherwise destroyed by conventional antibiotics when treating bacterial infections. It is precisely because silver cannot be patented that it has been mostly shrouded by the mainstream healthcare system. If it cannot be patented, it cannot make money and is thus a threat to the pharmaceutical monopoly on healthcare. While their antibiotics attempt to attack a few very specific strains of bacteria, constantly mutating super bugs develop a resistance to this form of treatment. Contrarily, silver attacks the bacterial food source making even mutated forms defenseless against silver’s powerful defense abilities.”

Knowing that colloidal silver can take out unwanted bacteria, not affect your friendly bacteria, and strengthen your immune system while promoting healing, why wouldn’t you look into it?

Perhaps you’re scared and concerned by…something. Maybe it’s the labels that advise caution (as with any natural remedy, ironically). Or the fact that your doctor never brings it up (follow the money, and you will find antibiotics are much more profitable). Either way, your failure to recognize it as superior to the current solution is short sighted, in my opinion (and many other natural health advocates as well).

Do your research if you have to, but do it in the right place. Find out the truth about colloidal silver, and why it’s now misrepresented.

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