Genetics – The Common Excuse to Avoid Eating Healthy

I hear it time and time again. “Well, my father had prostate cancer so I’m pretty much doomed to have the same”. Excuses that your health is determined by your genetic profile are not only irresponsible, but also deadly. Don’t let Dad’s fate become a fixture in the family.

Genetics Are Not An Excuse

The genetics argument is as old as I can remember, and its getting older real fast. To think that your family health history will determine which disease you have and will dictate your eventual cause of death is short sighted and defeatist and I can’t allow people to continue with this line of thinking.

Do you determine your genetics? No.Do you have a predisposition to certain ailments? Yes.Does it have to be your determined fate? No.So you can alter your genetic fate? Yes.

Your genetic profile is what has been passed down through generations and results in you being handed certain strengths and weaknesses, largely determined by your ancestors environment and nutrition. So perhaps you have been “dealt” a weak cardiovascular system. Does that mean KFC’s Toonie Tuesday should start with a breakfast sandwich and end with a romantic 23 piece dinner? No! Just because you’re predisposed to a heart attack doesn’t mean you need to accelerate the process.

In fact, if you know your genetic weakness, thats a good thing. With the proper advice and research, you can guard against it and fortify your achilles heel so you don’t have to suffer with angina and loss of breath.

Some research suggests nutrition makes up to 70% of your health, and only 15% is affected by genetics. The reason you fall into the family disease line is that you do the same things that caused their illness, and everytime you hand that down is like copying another cassette tape. The quality gets worse and worse, until the original Top 40 version is no longer recognizable.

Its not easy to reverse a long line of genetic difficulty, which is what makes the current health situation of society so scary. We are seeing generations pass off faulty genetics to an even more diseased generation that are doing even more things wrong. This leaves little to no hope for the generations ahead, especially if they are not educated and dsiciplined enough to reverse it.

I’m here to tell you that its worth finding out how to buck your genetic profile and pave the way for a healthier family tree. I decided long ago that my family history isn’t going to be the death of me, and I WILL NOT use it as an excuse to quit and accept it as my fate. In fact, I will pass on a healthier gene pool to the fruit of my loins and teach them to do the same so my family name can be dealt a great hand and continue to prosper well into the future. For once I’m going to make genetics NOT an excuse.

Now, time to go to work. 😉

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