New Moon – Use the Healing Force

I’m not someone who follows the moon cycles closely, but I do know that something that has the ability to lower and raise the tides of the ocean through gravitational pull is something definitely to be respected. Once a month you get a shot to work with this powerful force, and you should mark your calendar to take advantage of it in this very simple way.

Moon Phases are Powerful

The gravitational pull of the moon governs the tides of the planet’s oceans and has done so since the beginning of time. When we remember this, it is not such a leap to accept that this same force exerts a powerful influence on the flow of fluids into and out of our cells.

How many times have you heard that when there’s a full moon, stay away from the bars and other “toxic” places. This may very well have to do with this time being the best for absorption of nutrients, and if you are bar hopping chances are you are doing a better job of absorbing that alcohol, which makes your toxins levels go up, which signals crazy time.

Fortunately, the new moon does the opposite. This is the time the tide goes out so the fluids in our cells are already governed to release which means its an excellent time for detox.

How can you take advantage of this once a month event?

Plan to eat clean that day, and choose detoxifying foods. Do a juice cleanse or drink your food that day to allow your system to take a break and concentrate on removing toxic matter.

You can also hit the gym, do a light workout, then hit the sauna and facilitate the sweating process.

If those two don’t work for you, try a hot bath with a detoxifying tea. Add a full spectrum sea salt and a detoxifying essential oil such as lavender or chamomile (which are also conveniently relaxing) as well. This will work much better if you have purified water, or at least water that is not laced with chemicals and other treatments. This can be one of the most effective ways to detoxify as your skin is your largest organ and can facilitate the process as long as the water is hot enough for you to sweat profusely. The hot tea will help with this process.

We have to remember that ageing and the feelings associated with it is simply a build up of toxins so if you want to feel and stay younger, it may be a good idea to work with the moon on this one.

Also, the spring equinox is considered 1 of the 2 most powerful days to detox, so mark March 20th on your calendar as well to take advantage of that as well.

We also don’t want to forget that the since full moons are best for absorption, that is a great day to juice as well, and to have that bath with sea salt bath to absorb all those precious minerals. Allow yourself to drip dry in order to absorb them.

Then you can walk around the house and show your hubby theres a new full moon in town.

Detoxing can also have its fringe benefits.

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