Superfood Supplements – Essential to a Healthy Lifestyle

We live in stressful times. We commute, work long hours, worry about finances, and are concerned about the economy. We typically handle this by eating more processed food, hanging out in front of our computer or TV (exposing ourselves to more stress through EMF’s), and drinking copious amounts of coffee. Lets face it, our health is a runaway train waiting to derail and the only way to help us stay on track and regain our sanity is superfood supplements.

Yes, Supplements Are Necessary for 99.9% of the Population

You may think that you are “fine” without them, but the reality is unless you are part of the .01% who have their health and wealth in order, and live in a tropical paradise, you really don’t. Here’s why.

We live in a stressful society, with little to no nutrition, and are constantly exposed to food and environmental toxins (like EMF’s) on a daily basis. All these things combined are killing you softly, so you may not notice now (or even realize your deteriorating health is not an accident, but a result of all these things), but you will definitely notice later (and for some of you, much sooner).

This is why superfood supplements are so essential to your health. They provide the nutrition that 99.9% of your typical grocers can not (with whole foods), in a very condensed format, that is required to support and heal the disease processes that are already taking place in your body.

Organic Whole Foods Are Required, But…

Do I wish that simply eating organic, fresh fruits and vegetables was the only answer? Yes. But the glaring reality is that for many people, that simply is not enough to not only support their health, but to reverse conditions that are already present.

Organic, whole foods are excellent, and can be solely used once we get our bodies and mind into a healthy state, but they can’t keep up to our current modern day lifestyles. They need to be used in conjunction with supplementation.

You show me a healthy, physically and emotionally balanced individual, and I bet they have used or are using superfood supplements to get to that place.

The Current State of Reality

Keep in mind the fact that half of Americans take at least one prescription. This indicates to me that people are short on essential nutrients required to bring their body back into balance, and the most realistic way to get back to health within a reasonable time frame is superfood nutrition.

Think of all the soda, processed food, and coffee people have consumed and the mineral leaching and inflammation it caused to their body. You can’t just overcome all of these things by going clean. You are going to have to remineralize your body by supplementing properly.

For example are you:

Iron deficient? Try chlorella, spirulina, wheatgrass, or kale.
Magnesium deficient? Try cacao (raw chocolate).
Low on B-Vitamins? Try bee pollen.
Suffering from inflammation? Do astaxanthin.
Dealing with anxiety? Try ganoderma.

No matter how you slice it, if you want to enjoy better health you are going to have to get serious about supplementation, and make it an essential part of your overall diet.

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