Weight Loss Acupressure

Today, there are so many methods introduced to reduce extra weight, one of them is ancient Japanese finger pressure or also called acupressure. Many people who have tried acupressure for weightloss said that they can effectively reduce weight with it without have to be afraid of side effects. Some parties even said that acupressure has capability to help somebody reduces up to seven pounds within a week. This is not just a promise because the system used by acupressure can reduce appetite, so it helps the body to not to load too much fat.

After applying acupressure for weightloss, patients do not have to afraid if want to eat favorite delicious foods. It happens because the acupressure will maximize the function of the body to burn fat contained by the foods. Before you try this Japanese finger pressure method, you have to know that you have to concern to some key points. They have direct effect to hunger center inside your brain. Acupressure requires you to focus to these points, so you will able to block the hunger before reaches brain.

The key points you have to treat when practicing acupressure for weightloss are midway between nose and upper lip, the root of the nail on the left hand’s little finger, ring-finger, two-finger widths under the knuckle and halfway between breastbone and navel. Those points have direct correlation with your hunger and appetite. If you continuously massage those points, you will feel that your appetite is drop significantly. To get the best result, you need to do it regularly.

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