Does Penis Size Matter

There is a long established myth that men from different races or cultures have differing sized penises, the most popular one being that men of black origin tend to have larger penises than those of white descent. This is actually untrue; most men regardless of race, colour or creed usually have on average, a penis that measures around 6″ when erect. To confirm this, two studies were recently carried out, both looking into penis size, the independent studies, carried out by Lifestyle condoms and also the International Journal of Urology revealed that the average size of an erect penis across all races is between 5.8 and 6.2 ”

Why Do Men Worry About Penis Size

Having a larger than average penis is usually thought of as a symbol of power or authority, since time began, many rulers and gods have been depicted with large penises. It is no different today; men with larger penises do tend to have a greater self confidence, both in business, with their peers and the opposite sex.

I Have A Smaller Than Average Penis – What Can I Do

There is no doubt, the effects of having a smaller than average penis tend to have a debilitating effect on a man’s self confidence, the good news is that there are ways to enlarge the penis, many methods are available, some are highly effective, some not so effective and some potentially harmful.

Enlargement Methods

Enlarging your penis by surgical means is a possibility, but in truth it has never really delivered satisfactory results, the procedures, often involving the fitting of implants into the penis tend to be ineffective, and in some cases have resulted in distorted penises that fail to achieve a proper erection.

Exercises can help, the ancient Arab tribes perfected a system of penis exercises called Jelqing, these involved pulling and stretching the penis and were often used to prepare young males for sexual relations, as with any exercises, if carried out correctly and over a period of time can and have been proved to lengthen and thicken the users penis.
There are some more modern exercises systems available nowadays that follow the basics of jelqing but with more up to date methods.
The most effective method of lengthening your penis, without surgery is by using a penis traction device, these follow the exact same principle as used by many surgeons across the world to straighten and lengthen injured or stunted limbs. Many ancient tribal cultures also use traction to lengthen necks, lips and ear lobes.

How Do Traction Devices Work

These are worn over the penis, they exact a gentle yet constant and painless pressure along the length of penis, over a period of time, the internal tissue cells divide and duplicate, creating increased tissue mass and in turn a thicker, longer penis.
Results are quite conclusive, these devices can help to lengthen a penis by up to 3″, the only down side is that they do take time to achieve maximum gains.

Most manufacturers suggest 6 months as a guide when considering using one of these devices. This however will depend on the length of time that the device is worn; quite recently a journalist in the UK used one as research into an article into male enhancement, and gained ?” in just 14 days.

Size Genetics Penis Extender System

Of all products and devices claiming to increase penis length and thickness, one product really stands out from the crowd, often copied, but so far never equalled; the Size Genetics system is clinically proven to increase both penis length and girth. Developed by a leading surgeon in Denmark over 15 years ago, and initially designed to support penises after injury or surgery, the Size genetics Device Is the only one of its kind to be both used and approved by the medical profession. It is constructed using medical grade materials and has been officially classed as a type one medical device. Available for fast delivery worldwide including across Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

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