Healthy Coffee – A Review of the Benefits of Ganoderma

When first introduced to healthy coffee, I truly wondered how coffee could even be healthy. Coffee does have a couple health benefits, but unfortunately it is in moderation (which most people don’t exercise with coffee), and these benefits are vastly outweighed by the risks and health complications. Thanks to technology, people now have options to feel a whole lot better. Lets check in on healthy coffee and its benefits.

Regular Coffee vs. Healthy Coffee

Regular Coffee Benefits

Regular coffee does have antioxidant properties that are purported to have a wide variety of health benefits, including brain and prostate health.

However, there is a big asterisk in that statement, and that’s moderation (2-3 cups a week). These same benefits become challenges once you decide to go for one or more cups a day on a continual basis.

Regular Coffee Side Effects

Regular coffee has 3 distinct properties that cause the majority of issues for people – caffeine, acidity, and dehydration.

Caffeine in regular coffee causes the majority of issues. The physical signs are often displayed in highs and lows, jitters, anxiety, sugar cravings, headaches, muscle pain, sleep disturbance, irritability, and eventual fatigue. However, people seem willing to sacrifice these things for a source of instant energy.

Some things that people might not immediately notice include adrenal exhaustion. Regular coffee engages a stress response, much like what is released if you were being chased by an axe-wielding maniac (or your mother-in-law with a wooden spoon). The problem is that your adrenals don’t know you are quietly sitting at your desk or coffee shop and are in no real danger, save the artery clogging donuts.

Now imagine your daily coffee consumption putting your body into that stressor state every single day, multiple times a day. A constant state of “fight or flight” is extremely exhausting and stressful to your body, and can result in eventual adrenal fatigue. Then you get to deal with constant fatigue, the very thing you were trying to avoid with coffee in the first place. Oh, the irony.

Aside from that fact, coffee is also very acidic which is not something you want to put into your body on a continual basis. Acidity facilitates a disease process, and combined with the stress from your adrenal response, you have created a perfect storm for health problems.

Lastly, regular coffee is also very dehydrating. Since our bodies are made up of over 70% of water, and we tend to drink little of it, we don’t need to be accelerating the process through coffee consumption.

Healthy Coffee Benefits

Healthy coffee still contains coffee with caffeine, but the negative properties of the coffee are lessened once ganoderma enters the formulation.

Consider what a healthy coffee drinker typically feels, and what a regular coffee drinker typically feels.

Healthy Coffee Drinker Regular Coffee Drinker
No jitters or crash Jitters and/or crash
Sleep improvement Sleep disturbance
More energy and stamina Spikes of energy, no stamina, and constant bouts of fatigue
Sustained alertness and clarity Momentary clarity
Greater sense of well being Anxiety
No withdrawal symptoms Headaches and other withdrawal symptoms
Little to no adrenal fatigue Moderate to severe adrenal fatigue
Numerous other health benefits Little to no health benefits

As you can see, healthy coffee drinkers are excited about the ability to have their cup of healthy coffee every day, knowing they won’t be feeling the typical negative effects of caffeine, either today or in the future.

This is why once you get healthy coffee into your system for a period of time and allow the ganoderma to work, you will wonder why you put your body through the roller coaster and pain that regular coffee often brings.

Healthy Coffee Side Effects

Healthy coffee with ganoderma has few if any negative side effects. Ganoderma has been researched to be non-toxic in daily doses for indefinite amounts of time.

One “positive” side effect with healthy coffee is detoxification. At first, this will not be “appreciated” but it is essential to get toxins out of your body if you want to lessen pain or be pain free.

Healthy Coffee – The Additional Health Benefits

Healthy coffee also brings additional benefits to your body besides negating the negative effects of caffeine.

With the infusion of a complete, pure, and quality ganoderma you can expect it to feed the body in a way that strives to normalize all your bodies functions. Normalized functions of your body facilitate health and well being.

You can also expect increased immune support, which is vitally important in today’s society of constant biological threats, bacteria, viruses, and other foreign pathogens. The strength of your immune system is like the offensive line for a football team – it doesn’t get a lot of recognition, but it is critical to allow your offense to work properly (immune system destroying unwanted visitors).

For a long list of things you may be able to expect in healthy coffee, check out this review of Ganoderma.

Healthy Coffee Taste

Healthy coffee stirs up in the minds of people something that tastes “healthy”. Healthy coffee is no different from regular coffee in taste when formulated correctly – it simply tastes like a cup of coffee.

In fact, taste tests by those who are unaware they are drinking healthy coffee are often the same, which is typically “this is a good tasting cup of coffee”. This, combined with its health benefits, is why it’s so popular!

Healthy Coffee Smell

Another part of the coffee experience is the smell. Fortunately, there is now a drip coffee so you can get the delicious smell, and taste, of coffee along with the health benefits.

This healthy coffee has got you covered.

Coffee Addiction Improvement

Many people choose to deny that coffee is an addiction for them. 2 cups a day, 5 or more times a week is often considered “normal”, and it is according to data that says 80% of people in North America drink 3-5 cups a day on average.

To tell whether you are addicted to caffeine is simple. Just give up your caffeine sources-coffee, tea, or soft drinks – for a couple of days and see if you feel tired, headachy, unmotivated, grumpy and depressed. Headaches and fatigue are the classic signs of caffeine deprivation.

If you are brave enough in the new year to test this exercise, and find it to be true, you can rest knowing if you have to be weaned off your habit or simply need a transitional item, that healthy coffee is there for you.

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