Is Alzheimer’s Genetic?

“Is dementia hereditary?” is possibly be the single most common question that individuals ask with regards to the illness, primarily because individuals worry whether it’s curable or not. If it is hereditary, then there might not bea fool-proof way to cure dementia because it is “programmed” within the person’s genes. Regardless of whether it is hereditary or not, preventing and slowing down the disease process would still turn out as the best thing to do.

Dementia begins with the most basic symptoms including the decline in the mental capabilities of a person, described by significant memory loss and deterioration of motors kills. Many people think that when you stay long enough with an individual who is suffering from dementia, you will have a higher risk of having the disease-but there is not considerable evidence to support this. In fact, asking the question “Is dementia hereditary?” is very insignificant unless you are related to anyone who has dementia by blood.

Family And Relatives Asking: Is Dementia Hereditary?

In truth, dementia as a result of Alzheimer’s disease isn’t hereditary or genetically passed on- not as much as congenital heart diseases, asthma, or diabetes. As a matter of fact, it will be a very rare case in the event that there exists a possibility for such thing to occur mainly because this type of dementia is not triggered by any genetic characteristic of the individual. In the event that you’re looking after a dementia patient (regardless if you are he’s a relative or not), you must not worry about having the disease while you do so. Instead, you should give attention to helping the patient fight the illness as you look after yourself to avoid it from happening to you as well.

However, if you were asking “Is dementia hereditary” because the condition was a result of some other medical problems such as Cerebrovascular Accident (stroke) and other cardiovascular illnesses, then it’s likely that the genes that precipitated those ailments will also be inside you. Note, though, that these genes are recessive in nature, which means, they might be unable to manifest in a person even if he or she is directly associated to the person who suffers from dementia (e.g. father, son, and so on.).

“Is Dementia Hereditary?”- The Final Answer

Learning whether dementia may or may not be hereditary doesn’t conclude your responsibility in battling the illness. It is crucial that you put a great deal of effort in assisting the dementia patient in his fight against the advancement of the condition whether you are related to the patient or just a caregiver. You also need to look for the most effective means in helping the individual manage his/her condition by providing for his/her necessities: and this would truly be a more desirable strategy to handle dementia instead of wanting to know “Is dementia hereditary?”

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