Is The Hepatitis C Disease Contagious?

Is Hepatitis C contagious? The answer to this question is yes: yes, it is infectious and you could probably contract the disease without you even being aware of it. The question “Is Hepatitis C contagious?” is frequently asked by many people. Hepatitis C is in fact transmittable that you can even be infected without even realizing it. Most probably, the best way towards prevention of the condition would be to know how Hepatitis C is being transmitted.

The causative factor of Hepatitis C is the Hepatitis C Virus (HCV ) that is normally transmitted through the following means.

. Coming in contact with HCV virus while working in a dialysis unit or a laboratory that handles the virus.
. Sharing needles used to administer drugs intravenously.
. Needles which is infected by someone who has the condition that will be used for another person for tattoos or body piercings.

To answer the question “Is Hepatitis C contagious” it’s important the we know the disease process. The entrance of the virus into the body is probably due to coming into direct contact with HCV infected blood. In certain circumstances, an individual might make contact with an infected person’s blood blood by making use of the things that the infected person utilizes. Such items usually include toothbrush, a nail cutter or razor.

Thankfully, HCV cannot be passed on through usual routines. The condition can’t be transmitted from shaking hands, hugging, or kissing, nor developed by using common utensils. Even in many instances, it can’t be transmitted by having intercourse with an individual who already has the the disease. There is no definitive proof that Hepatitis C performing oral sex can transmit HCV. However, it must be noted that having intercourse with numerous individuals puts you to a higher risk of having the disease.

If you are carrying a baby and you are bothered by the question “Is Hepatitis C contagious?”, it’s a relief to know that it’s highly not likely to hand down the infection to your baby. There is also a very low chance that your baby can acquire the disease through breastfeeding.

How long can a person be infected?

Regrettably, after a person has acquired Hepatitis C, he/she becomes a carrier of the virus for good. Regardless of the type, be it chronic and acute Hepatitis C, the virus stays permanently in the body nevertheless it tends to become dormant inside. With proper prevention methods, you can stop the infection from further spreading to other individuals.

How Is Hepatitis C Treated?

Hepatitis C treatment is available today, however giving such treatment typically needs the assistance and guidance of a doctor. Hepatitis C treatment typically includes use of certain medicines such as Ribavirin and Peginterferon. Liver transplant may also be a remedy, but the method is not yet proven to remove the virus totally from the system. It would be best to seek professional advice so that you can answer further questions aside from “Is Hepatitis C Contagious?”

Janet Worwick is a nurse who has spent the last twenty six years administering tests for those suffering from Hepatitis C and will be able to help respond to the question “is hepatitis c contagious?”