Do You Have Problems with Getting Pregnant? Here Are a Few Female Infertility Solutions

Almost all of us has gone through that phase where a career takes the top place of our priority list rather than starting to build a family. At this stage we often try to not get pregnant. While we absolutely have every right to steer our lives in the direction we choose, we also should be prepared to face the possibility of having a lower chance of conceiving should we decide to have a baby at a later age. Problems of low sperm count for males or high FSH for females are some of the more common ones you might encounter. Western medicine can often conclude this as infertility issues which is a rather hopeless take on the situation. If these diagnoses were to be considered from a holistic point of view as indicated in Pregnancy Miracle by Lisa Olson, you will discover that “infertility” is nothing but an imbalance in your body and that producing an offspring is still very much a possiblity.

One of the causes of infertility or hormonal imbalance is stress. During our 20s and 30s it is natural for us to work hard to prepare for the family we want to have in the future and this is during these times when we also tend to pile up on the stress factor. This leaves the body exhausted and all that we’ve worked hard for backfires on us. With this knowledge you should be able to avoid more stress in your life when you hear about news of infertility from your doctor and immediately work towards restoring balance in your body and in your life instead. If you read the book The Personal Path to Pregnancy by Beth Kiley, you will find plenty of ideas on how to go about this for you to increase your chances of conceiving a child. You can, however, follow the ideas on this article to help you get started:

Start eating right. Try to get into the habit of eating only organic foods, if possible. Being exposed to pesticides has been linked to infertility. It is also wise for both members of the opposite sex to make it a point to include more foods that are rich in antioxidant in their diet. Food items rich in Vitamins C and E will help wash out foreign substances or toxins out of the body. In men, studies show Vitamin C can increase the sperm count to as much as 100% and Vitamin E can make these sperms better able at swimming in order to reach the egg. In women, their fertility suffers with their body fat. One major link to infertility in women is obesity. It is a good idea then to limit fat intake and pack on fiber-rich food groups like vegetables and fruits in their diet instead. You can read more about infertility treatment by checking out Pregnancy Miracle Review at

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