Panic Attacks Be Gone

To overcome panic attacks, you have to understand them. This is why if you want to know how to overcome panic attacks, you have to educate yourself of its causes so you can prevent any future occurrence. After all, prevention is still better than cure. For a comprehensive how-to on how you can eliminate panic attacks for good, check out the acclaimed book on the subject, Panic Away by Joe Barry McDonagh. If you want a brief on panic attacks then read on.

These symptoms of panic attack are no strangers to those who have experienced them: shortness of breath, hot and cold flushes, rapid breathing, and a sense of impending doom. Unfortunately, with panic attack, familiarity doesn’t breed complacency. In fact, it is known to many that anyone who has been through these symptoms come to fear them so much so that they can, more often than not, trigger another wave of panic attack. Simple and natural cures for panic attacks are the first resort doctors recommend to patients of this syndrome. However, before we get into the details of that, I think it is best that you equip yourselves with some of the ways you can employ to actually prevent a panic attack before it hits you. Want an exhaustive list of these prevention techniques? Refer to the Linden Method by Charles Linden and Panic Puzzle by Rich Presta.

One of the easiest ways you can prevent a panic attack is by overhauling your diet. It’s easy to overlook ingesting too much sugar and caffeine, two of the worst instigators of panic attacks. If these two are in amounts higher than your body needs, it would be so easy for your pulse to start running and for an attack to set off even if you’re expose to only the mildest triggers. If you cut back on these or do away with them for some time, I’m positive you’ll notice immediate effects to your heart rate. Another way to prevent panic attack is to practice a simple meditation technique. Meditation silences the worries and panic-inducing thoughts in your head.

Now let’s go to the natural cures for panic attacks. One of your best go-to when a panic attack strikes is distraction. Start counting but instead of starting at 1, start from 100 down to 1. You may also simply wash your face with water. Doing both or either of the two will remove you from focusing on your thoughts and thus keep your panic at bay. Another trick is to always keep bringing with you a brown paper bag, this is especially true if you are prone to spontaneous attacks. You can normalize your breathing using this by putting the bag over your nose and mouth and then breathing normally with it in place. For other tips on how to cure panic attacks naturally, check out Linden Method Review at

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