The Cost of Failing to Provide Easy Access to Your Premises

Making your business premises accessible to all is now a legal requirement. However, that being said, the law is also quite vague when it comes to defining exactly what must be done to make a premises accessible, and which buildings might be exempt from such changes.

However, legalities aside, some people try their best to avoid installing the likes of a platform lift simply due to the perceived cost. And yet, not installing a lift could be far more costly.

There are of course other reasons why certain business may not wish to use a disability lift, and in many cases this may simply be down to the room that such a lift would take up (and therefore an inability to make as much use of their space as they would like), or even simply due to the fact that such a lift might not fit in with current aesthetics.

However, whatever money is lost in paying out for a disability lift, or is lost in terms of square-footage, the cost of not being able to appeal to a huge number of people, whether in terms of custom, or even in terms of attracting the right person for a job, could be far more costly.

It is also now very easy to get a platform lift that fits in with any style you have or even can masquerade as a flight of stairs when not being used. Ultimately though, whether you opt for a normal lift or even one that has far more extra functions, the important thing will be to cater for as many people as possible. By not doing so, not only could you lose a huge amount of revenue from missed sales opportunities, or miss out on getting someone perfect for a job, but many businesses are now simply starting to get bad publicity for failing to provide the right access to all.

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