Drug Addiction and Drug Abuse

Drug addiction is a very serious and destructive disease which can strike anyone, regardless of their age, race, culture or background. Quite simply, any individual can find themselves crossing the line from drug experimentation to drug addiction, and subsequently drug abuse, at some point in their life.

What is the difference between drug addiction and drug abuse?
The difference between drug addiction and drug abuse is largely situational. In general, people who abuse drugs do so because they are experiencing a highly stressful or traumatic period in their life (for example, a divorce, bereavement or being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness). In these kinds of circumstances, people often turn to drugs to help them cope with overwhelming feelings of grief and despair. Once their personal circumstances improve, most people who abuse drugs seek outside help and eventually volunteer themselves for drug detox. This helps struggling individuals to curb their drug abuse and prevents them from crossing the line into drug addiction.

Unfortunately, there are some people who are more susceptible to drug abuse than others. For these individuals, turning to drugs to cope during a bad time can spiral out of control into drug addiction. Even if their personal circumstances improve and their lives balance out, these individuals continue to abuse drugs because they cannot get enough of the effects and do not want to volunteer themselves for drug detox. For this reason, many people who suffer with drug addiction only really get on top of their problems when they attend a specialist drug rehab facility.

Although drug abuse and drug addiction can indeed strike anyone, it is worth remembering that inflicted individuals can beat these diseases when they have the support of qualified counsellors and invaluable efforts of specialist drug rehab clinics to help them.

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