Global healthcare cover for expats

Living and working overseas is a huge adventure, but expats need to be prepared for any eventuality. It’s not all plain sailing and if things do go wrong, it pays to have some form of international health insurance.
These days work can take people to the far flung corners of the earth. And medical care overseas can vary enormously in terms of quality and access. It’s not like the NHS is a worldwide organisation after all.
With expat health insurance from Allianz, those who have decided to live and work abroad can do so safe in the knowledge that if they get ill or have an accident, they can fall back on top quality medical care, all sorted out by Allianz representatives. Who are on hand to work around cultural and language barriers to ensure policy holders receive the care and attention they need.
Expat health insurance is incredibly affordable. The premiums are surprisingly low. Which means no one has to go without. There are enough cultural challenges and changes to get used to when working abroad. So having access to top medical care is one less thing to worry about to people who are about to make the leap.
Allianz offer a range of international health insurance policies, with different options and levels of cover. Anyone requiring this type of service can ring up their friendly team of customer service agents who are on hand to discuss individual requirements and answer any questions prospective customers may have. It’s the perfect cover, no matter where in the world people are based.
Peace of mind matters when living and working overseas. Make sure it’s a hassle free and enjoyable experience by planning for the what ifs. After all, none of us know what is just around the corner. With an Allianz policy, there’s no need to worry about medical care overseas.