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Antibody suppliers don’t just supply a wide selection of antibodies and reagents; they also supply various kits containing all the reagents and materials needed to perform a particular assay or experiment. We at Novus Biologicals have a wide range of assay kits in our antibody catalog, including specific kits for kinase and Sandwich ELISA assays.

Our antibody database contains a large number of products targeting the protein kinases. A large and functionally diverse family of enzymes, they regulate practically all cellular processes, phosphorylating key proteins involved in signal transduction, the cell cycle, apoptosis and other complex pathways. The interplay between kinase pathways is of extreme interest to researchers, especially as genetic mutations of enzymes such as p38 have been implicated in many human diseases. Around 30% of the proteins on our antibody database are thought to be subject to phosphorylation. However, the complexity of the research can be both costly and time-consuming.

Recently, we added a range of Mix-and-Match Pathway Kinase Assay Kits to our antibody catalog. With a protocol of around 2.5 hours, these provide an ideal alternative to time-consuming Western Blot assays for multiple targets. The activation states of six key kinase pathway proteins can be analysed in unison, on one colour-coded multiwell ELISA platform, allowing researchers to “see the whole picture”. These kits offer improved results with regards to specificity, quantitative analysis and sensitivity, and are both time and cost-effective. Scientists can choose any six of eight kinase antibodies, including p-p38 alpha; p-ERK2; p-AKT1 and Beta-Catenin, in order to get the best match for their research. Pre-matched antibody kits are also available.

ELISA assays are widely used in antibody research, with a number of formats available. One of these is the sandwich ELISA, which offers a high degree of precision and sensitivity, without the need for sample rinsing. Many antibody suppliers rely on the customer to match capture and detection antibodies, which can introduce errors as the antibodies must bind to specific epitopes on the protein. Our sandwich ELISA antibody kits remove this problem, as the antibodies are guaranteed to be matched pairs.



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