Choosing the Right Look with Feria Hair Dye

When looking at all the Feria hair dye options, it can get a little overwhelming! There are so many different Feria hair dye colors to choose from that if you’re a little unsure of what you’re looking for, you may have a hard time deciding which to choose. And so many Feria hair dye colors are similar, that it’s hard to know what will look the best on you. The good news is that Feria hair dye is easy to apply, and you’ll always get the built-in highlights to make your new hair color shimmer!

This Feria hair dye guide can help you to choose the right intensity level of color for what you are looking for, and it highlights the best of the Feria hair dye colors so you know exactly which to choose when it comes down to picking the right one for you.

The Light Feria Hair Dye Colors
Feria hair dye has many light colors to choose from and not all of them blond. Sure, there are Bleach Blonding and Extra Bleach Blonding if you want to go extra light blond, but there are also light browns in this category as well, such as Downtown Brown or Chai Latte. Feria hair dye’s have a Deep Conditioning formula that leave hair softer than before you dyed it, so even a drastic change to a light color isn’t a problem with Feria hair dye.

The Medium Feria Hair Dye Colors
A good portion of the Feria hair dye shades fall into this category, including most of the browns, such as Crystal Brown and Cool Medium Brown. You’ll also find some red Feria hair dye colors in this section, like Copper Shimmer and Sunset Blaze. Most people like a medium feria hair dye color because it’s not a drastic change from the hair color they currently have. Sometimes a medium Feria hair dye can be a middle step in going from a light to a dark or a dark to a light.

The Dark Feria Hair Dye Colors
Nearly half of the Feria hair dye colors available from L’Oreal Paris fall into the ‘dark’ category. All five shades of black Feria hair dye, like Black Leather and Starry Night, fall into this section, of course. As do most of the deep, dark reds, like Chocolate Cherry or Brilliant Bordeaux. There are also some darker brown Feria hair dye colors to be found here. The most popular of them are Brazilian Brown, French Roast, and Espresso. Darker Feria hair dye shades can help to cover up grays, but can also make a dark complexion look lighter, make a face look thinner, and all sorts of other things!

Feria hair dye isn’t just another hair dye on the market. Feria hair dye leaves your hair softer than ever with Deep Conditioning. You’ll also find built-in highlights that make your hair color look natural. And as mentioned, Feria hair dye is easy to apply right at home, so you’ll save money without having to go to the salon for a salon quality look!

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