Mercury Filling Removal

Mercury filling removal is a service there is growing demand for. More and more people are realising there is no need to continue to put up with a mouthful of metal and are having their old mercury fillings removed.

Why People Are Undergoing Mercury Filling Removal

The main reason people opt for mercury filling removal is aesthetic. There is no doubt that white fillings look far better than old-fashioned metal ones. People realise that the way their teeth look is important. When someone is talking to you, they are naturally quite focused on the mouth, so how your teeth look has a significant impact on how you are perceived. On a subconscious level, a healthy set of teeth sends out the message that the person takes good care of themselves and is healthy. Bad teeth send out the opposite message.

However, increasingly people are having mercury fillings removed for health reasons. They are worried that leaving mercury fillings in place is having an adverse impact on their health, so are deciding to have them removed and replaced with white fillings instead.

The Best Kind of Mercury Filling Removal

If you do decide to have your mercury filling removed it is vital to go to a good dentist to have the procedure done. The best dentists have specialist equipment available to ensure that the procedure can be carried out quickly, painlessly and safely.

It is best to look for a dentist that uses tungsten carbine burs rather than diamond ones. The tungsten carbine bur breaks the filling into chunks rather than grinding it into a paste. Removal is quicker and there is less risk of swallowing some of it. The best dentists use a specialist clean up aspirator that sucks the pieces of the old fillings away immediately they leave the surface of the tooth.

What dentists charge for mercury filling removal varies considerably. For this reason, it makes sense to shop around a little. However, do not give into the temptation to simply go with the cheapest quote. First, double-check what techniques and equipment the dentist will be using to remove and replace your mercury fillings then make your final decision.


Sutcliffe Dental offers a first class mercury filling removal service using only the best equipment and the latest techniques.