The Stress Epidemic

Stress is the biggest cause of absenteeism in the workplace. The majority of people in full time work will describe their job as stressful, and whilst technology should have reduced workloads and made the workplace easier and a more relaxing place to be, it has simply served to make industries more competitive and the workload of employees far higher and more extensive.

Stress is a global epidemic which costs business hundreds of billions of pounds every year in expenses and reduced productivity. And yet, despite the severe cost stress has to business, as well as to the individuals who suffer from the stress, very little is being done to successfully combat the issue.

Very simple changes within the workplace could easily help to ensure that a huge amount of stress is reduced for employees. Looking at occupational health recruitment will be a very cost-effective way of ensuring that not only are employees physically safe, but also mentally safe too. Occupational health recruitment can also be looked into on a short term basis, having regular reviews to ensure that your workplace processes are geared effectively towards keeping your staff happy and healthy.

Whilst many think that productivity will come through pressure and through increasing workloads, the opposite is very much true, and whether you outsource certain areas during busy periods or simply create a more inclusive and calm environment, you will usually find that productivity increases rather than decreases and that the chances of absenteeism and therefore cost related to stress fall dramatically.

For those who want to help combat the rising epidemic of stress, training for or finding occupational health jobs could be the perfect way to ensure your skills really make a difference, not just to companies but to the individuals who really matter. There are many different jobs in occupational health and the more people there are to help combat these problems, the happier and healthier we will all be.

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