What is a Community Nurse

Many people who consider becoming a nurse and looking for nursing jobs do not realised the different roles available. However, there are many different areas to nursing and, when looking for a job, widening your search may produce better results. One such role that many people forget about is community nursing. 
So just what is a community nurse? It is in fact a very similar role to that of a hospital nurse, however as the name suggests it involves the local community. So you will be travelling around, going to patient’s homes who may perhaps recently been discharged from hospital.
Community nursing care involves simple tasks such as changing bandages through to teaching relatives how to look after the sick patient and working with the vulnerable in the community such as the elderly.  It usually involves working closely with your local GP to identify those who need help.
For many people, the changes in day-to-day routine are very welcome, and they find travelling around to visit patients in their homes much more rewarding than pounding the ward at a hospital. Of course, there will still be shift patterns, and as with most nursing jobs unsociable hours may have to be worked.
Agencies are often the best way to find community work as a nurse, although taking your time to research properly and finding an agency that takes care of its staff is very important. Finding the right agency will mean you are not taken for granted and are provided with the appropriate benefits.
So if you have been looking into a nursing career, why not have a look at community nurse jobs? Working with people in their homes can be rewarding as well as challenging, and you can end every day knowing you’ve helped someone. Patients who need care in their own homes rely on people like this, and wouldn’t be able to be surrounded by their friends and family at home if this role didn’t exist.