Medical Fundraising for Friends picks up with Down Economy

With the economy in decline in recent years it’s no surprise that many people are forced to turn to online fundraising for medical bills in order to get desperately needed medical treatments.
Unemployment, denials from insurance companies, Medicaid and Medicare limitations, and the high costs of health insurance are affecting consumers negatively. Getting essential medical care is very difficult even for families with incomes above current US poverty levels. They simply have nowhere else to turn.

Families used to be able to help each other out in situations such as these but lately everyone has been strapped for cash. Individuals facing medical crises and their loved ones have had to look for creative solutions to get the cash necessary for vital treatments and surgeries by medical fundraising online.

Necessity is the mother of invention and with the advent of social media people have options they would never have had before. It’s never been easier to do medical fundraising and solicit help from sympathetic donors. Sites catering specifically to fundraising for medical bills have cropped up overnight in response to the need.

Health care is expensive and many lifesaving treatments mean choosing one’s health over one’s housing. In the past families have taken out second mortgages and have even had to sell their homes to pay for treatments. Such moves are almost impossible with the housing market in the state it is today. A house may not command the high values that it previously did and necessary capital for a surgery or treatment may not be obtained even by sacrificing housing. There really aren’t any other options besides medical fundraising for most people.

Insurance companies are also becoming resistant in paying for treatments. People who are insured and have paid for health insurance coverage for years are now finding that their insurance companies are refusing to cover even the most basic treatments. In many cases time is of the essence and fighting an insurance company won’t help if approval comes even a moment too late. Delayed treatments and surgeries can have dire consequences and it seems insurance companies just don’t care. Fundraising for medical bills is a godsend to families facing situations such as this.

Couples facing infertility are also being victimized by insurance companies. Despite having diagnosed medical conditions couples are being turned away from coverage for treatment. These couples are finding solutions to their infertility through medical fundraising. Infertility treatments can be quite expensive especially when treatments must be repeated in many cases. Medical fundraising online allows loving couples to finally be parents when there are no other options to cover those bills.

Medical fundraising has many detractors especially when fundraising is to cover bills for issues like infertility. Many folks believe couples should try adoption or other solutions because it’s hard to sympathize when you’ve never been faced with such situations. However the families benefitting from medical fundraising don’t care. They know that when there are no other options you do what you have to do to take care of your health care needs.

In times of need, medical fundraising online via social media can be a quick and effective way to raise money needed for medical bills and treatments. If you get cut off from an insurance, you can start fundraising online using a top tier online social fundraising platform like Fundly, and within minutes your medical fundraiser can fundraise via Facebook and other social networks in little time and effort required.