Why one may be thankful for a same-day STD test

Sexually transmitted diseases are, as is suggested by the name, spread from one person to the next via sexual contact. They have become especially widespread in recent times, to such an extent that more than half of the planet’s population are expected to be infected with one at some stage of their life.

Although STDs naturally differ in terms of their severity, there is also little doubt that they are at best, unwanted and at worst, fatal. This makes it important for anyone who is sexually active to take suitable precautions, with so many people failing to do this given the popular image of sexual intercourse as something that is exclusively safe and enjoyable.

The problems with such a lackadaisical attitude to STD and HIV testing include not only the consequences for the given person’s own health, but also that of others. STDs can be so easily passed on to others, and it doesn’t exactly help that they are usually asymptomatic. This leads so many people to wrongly assume that they and their partners are free of infection.

However, symptoms do still occur in some cases, and can include sores, bumps and warts near the mouth, genitals or anus, in addition to redness or swelling near the genitals, skin rashes, painful urination, night sweats and weight loss.

With the spread of STDs happening so easily and having such potentially grave consequences if not rapidly detected, it makes sense to opt for fast HIV testing. There are many private doctors that can offer a confidential STD test that also produces same-day results.

The best doctors will use technology that ensures the fast and accurate detection of the virus, so that a patient can have faith that the assessment that is given of their sexual health is the right one. Such a person will appreciate a pain-free STD test that also comes with the offer of follow-up treatment, if required.

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