Women’s Golf is More Popular Than Ever

There was a time when golf was just a man’s sport. So much so that a myth was born that suggested the name of the sport itself derived from the acronym of Gentleman Only Ladies Forbidden. However, whilst this is a mere urban legend, the persistency of the myth shows just how true it must have sounded throughout history, with men loving the game and women being far less impressed.

Today, it is not only men who use golf as a great way to relax with friends, network or simply get a good bit of gentle exercise, and the sport has become extremely popular amongst women too. In fact, today, there are as many professional female golfers as there are male ones, and as such it is not uncommon to see as many female golfers teeing off as men on any given green.

In many ways, women are actually better suited to the game, with many of them being far more flexible than men, something that offers huge benefits to those playing golf. With the work/life balance of men and women now being very similar for the most part, it makes sense that women will now seek the same benefits from the game that men have traditionally derived.

For those women looking to take up the game or improve their game, the right clothing and Adidas ladies golf shoes will be imperative. Whilst women may, in general, have greater flexibility than men, unless they have the right footwear and the right clothing to allow them to move easily and to remain comfortable, then they will struggle to get everything they should from the game.

With some women now even taking part in the same major competitions as men, the popularity of golf amongst women and the standard to which they play is only going to increase. So for those who want to be at the forefront rather than missing the bandwagon, getting the right clubs and ladies golf shoes should be done sooner rather than later.