Graphic Design: Derby Based Debra Yates Provides Some Tips on Sourcing Good Design

Sourcing good Graphic Design is not just a case of finding an agency with a striking portfolio. It requires understanding the whole process behind developing great concepts that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but communicate effectively with your specific target audience. A good graphic design agency will not only demonstrate good design skills, but will have a competency in research and best practice.

Research should be the starting block of any Graphic Design project, especially branding. A good Graphic Design Agency will research your industry, analysing effective design, understanding elements that will firmly position you in your industry and not look outlandish and unfamiliar. The target audience needs to be thoroughly understood, from gender, to age, region, interests and so forth. Different colours and imagery and will communicate different things to different people. Graphic Design that really speaks to your audience and communicates your brands values, benefits and unique selling points is the result of good research and understanding.

Researching the market is one thing. Researching the broader environment is another. Design should be original, not only being a positive reflection on your brand, but to avoid any unconscious plagiarism of existing branding, designs that may well be trademarked. Doing your graphic design research before the design itself will avoid any unnecessary changes to elements of your design that other companies might have registered as trademarks; a potentially costly and embarrassing situation.

Another extremely important aspect to bear in mind is the compatibility of your logo design across the increasingly diverse array of mediums it will appear on. Your logo will need to look consistent on anything from a fax, to an email signature, a social media icon, right through to a vehicle graphic or a promotional pen. For this reason, effective simplicity is the key: a solid, simple and yet effective logo will be able to handle being stamped, shrunk and conversely, blown up to huge dimensions .

Based in Derby, Graphic Design Agency Vivid Violet provides effective, striking branding and design to companies throughout the East Midlands. The company provides free introductory branding and design consultancy and can also secure funding to cover its services.

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