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The Website buying guide – how to make SMART MONEY!

Are you interested in owning websites? Are you looking to promote your business, product or ideas? Are you looking to make an investment or are you looking to make a purchase to make extra $$$$. The Website buying guide will help you answer alot of your questions! Weather you are new to websites or you are a seasoned veteran this review will help.

->> TIP #1 – Always research and never buy cause it LOOKS too good to be true – use tools such as WHOIS.

Make extra money with websites

Here are some tips from the The Website buying guide-
-Where to go to get hold of websites (4 SOURCE Sites),
-What to look for in Listings and What to stay away from, Helpful Tips, How to Research a Website,
– Explains Conversion Traffic Formulas, Where to Outsource for increased Sales,
-CHEAP – Safe Bet Websites, Explain Affiliate Marketing, WordPress and More,
-Link Resources.

Are you sick of buying websites that dont perform?

This is an one of a Type Guide! – buy it today and start making money!!

Why buy websites? While websites can be many things, – a personal blog, an ecommerce site, a site for information, a directory, a company profile; above all. Websites are an investment. Compared to other forms on investments, websites hold a ridiculous RETURN ON INVESTMENT. The only other industry I have seen where people can invest and make incredible amounts of profits off, is Real Estate. But even in that industry (before the .COM crash) it took large amounts of money to secure.

->> TIP #2 – Never pay more then 6 to 9 months of NET income…unless you really have a passion for it!

Here is a simple tip : The avg. price of acquiring a website is typically six to nine months of its monthly net profit or estimated profit potential. So calculate this – if the website you are looking at purchasing makes one hundred dollars net profit per month – you should not pay more then approximately $600-$900. Your website normally should pay you back in 6 to 9 months if all goes well. Learn more tips about this at The Website Buying Guide! More facts on the guide here The Website buying guide Reference

Are you CONFUSED and OVERWHELMED? My head spins when I think about buying websites – but this guide really helped me. Here are some quick tips.

->> TIP #3 – Traffic doesnt always mean profit! Research where the traffic is coming from – CAUTION!

How much revenue does the site currently earn?
-Traffic – How much traffic does the site get per month?
-Time involved/ hrs per week of work, or on autopilot?
-How do you plan on marketing the site?

This made it all clear for me! Do you want more info? Get it all here at The Website buying guide

Good luck on your new Website Adventures!

The Website Buying Guide

To get the guide click here The Website buying guide

More facts on the guide here The Website buying guide Resource