Website designing in Flash now made easy

Adobe Flash is a multimedia program that is used to create movies and interactive objects for the web. You can now learn all this just by sitting back at home. The web makes everything possible now. Web design UK is one such site.

Firstly, the size of your design is set by clicking the Edit button in the Properties window when nothing is selected.

The color of your stage is then set by clicking the color box next to the Stage label in the Properties window. White or black are the easiest choicest to work with when designing from scratch.

A document grid is set up to which you can align all your page’s graphic elements by selecting Edit grid from the Grid sub-menu of the Edit menu. Set the width of each column so that an even number of them dissect your page.

Now, the designing of the page has to take place. Your web design is quickly sketched on a physical piece of paper. The Rectangle tool from the toolbar is used to create colored boxes. The color from the Color window can be adjusted, as well as gradients can be created.

The Rectangle tool is clicked and held on, to bring up a drop-down menu of other shape types like circles and polygons. Click a tool to use it similarly to the Rectangle tool. The Line tool is used to create lines of varying thickness. To adjust the thickness of a line, the Properties window can be used.

The Text tool is used to create text on the page. This is the most important part of your web page. The font, size and color can be adjusted from the Properties window. Filters can also be added to text, such as drop shadow and glow, to stylize it.

Export Image is clicked from the Export sub-menu of the File menu. The name and destination of the file is specified when the dialog box appears. JPEG should be selected as the file type. The size of the image is adjusted. Click “OK” to save your file

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