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More and more people have individual websites these days either to host their blog or to promote themselves and their services. There are various methods to design a website that will showcase your bio as well as your work. You can get ideas from templates that are available in web design programs as well as inspiration from designers who have created great work online. Some of these very inspirational works have been made available to you on web design UK.

The type of web design should complement the content on the website. If the website is about personal development, dark and scattered designs should be avoided. Readers get their first impression of your site from the web design, so make sure that your design reflects you and your goals. One such important tool is organizational structure.

Organizational structure is an important consideration during the web design process. Good design leads to a good user experience and helps the search engines index your pages accurately and rank them for various keywords appropriately.

The root of every website is the domain name. Search engines and web users look at domain names to determine the topic of a website. From an organizational standpoint, the selection of a descriptive domain name is vitally important for the success of your website. Your home page or index page will be displayed when visitors navigate to your domain name.

Content websites are typically organized into a hierarchical structure that separates content according to categories. This structure starts with a set of top tier web pages that act as category headers. These pages should include the most prominent keyword phrases you want to display importantly.

Second tier pages are detailed content pages that fall under one of the category pages in the top tier. These pages usually expand on the basic information provided in the top tier category page.

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