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One way in which it is possible for a site owner to discriminate between SEO services is to assess how well they monitor the search sector. If an organisation does not focus properly on the finer points of the fluid sector of search it is not possible for it to adjust its campaigns to new realities in an effective manner. Being ahead of the curve in this industry can really pay off. By studying the content on the sites of rival SEO services it should be possible to discern how seriously they take this vital component of their work.

At SEO Consult we make every effort to research the evolving search world as closely as possible. Hence we commit considerable resources to that end. This means that we are in an enviable position when it comes to making telling adjustments to the sites that we manage. Organisations do not share all we know online for obvious reasons, but our blog content does reveal how much thought we put into this vital aspect of our operations.

The launch of Google+ was something which all those involved in optimisation were obliged to take notice of. Any significant developments in the social media are relevant to the majority of contemporary optimisation campaigns. It is always important to keep looking at a new development and its implications when the attention of some observers has wandered off elsewhere. This is in part because people are too prepared to make sweeping comments before they really appreciate what they are discussing.

When it comes to Google+, some of the initial reaction was a tiny little bit misleading. Some commentators were keen to point out that it scored well on privacy issues. This comment was in part based on the fact that Google had made it possible to share different content with diverse groups and this did seem to support the notion that the architects of Google+ had prioritised privacy. However, the comment also derived from the notion that Google+ was attempting to compete with the social media giant Facebook.

Facebook has recently lost some users in its well-developed markets and some of those leaving have stressed their concerns with regard to privacy. It is imperative to recognise that Facebook is a major economic and cultural force and that it is still focused on improving what it offers its users. It has recently been concerned to improve video content sharing. If Google+ was to make any kind of challenge to Facebook, it would take years and it would only make headway through successive waves of innovation.

Closer inspection of Google+ soon undermined the idea that it was such a great performer when it came to privacy. Sharing photographs with one group did not mean that members of that group were necessarily barred from sharing the content outside the group. Google+ does appear to have several attractive features, but it seems highly unlikely that privacy matters alone will permit it to mount a challenge to Facebook. Those services who rushed to comment on Google+ need to keep looking at it and its performance.

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