Local SEO may require special measures

There is a growing online literature on local search engine optimisation. This is hardly surprising because one of the features of the search world is that it does enable small businesses to make significant profits. It might seem paradoxical, but the worldwide web does facilitate the development of those companies which wish to focus their efforts on exploiting local markets more efficiently. Nevertheless, many of the blogs and articles on local search engine optimisation contain the same tips and it makes sense to consider a few additional alternatives.

At SEO Consult we realise that a tip which works well for one site is not always effective in another context. The campaigns which we run are based on techniques which are tailored to the precise needs of the sites concerned. Formulaic methods have no place in the armoury of a reputable optimisation firm. Nonetheless, tips vary in their general applicability.

Many blog posts on local SEO refer to the importance of using geographically relevant content and this tip does work. Using keywords which are place-related is another obvious technique. Similarly, advocating the proper use of Google Places is another good move to make. It is also worthwhile to pay attention to the local when using social media. Furthermore, the rise of mobile devices means that a site with a local focus frequently does well if it is adapted so that it can be easily utilised on a mobile. All these points have validity, but to be ultra competitive it is sometimes best to go beyond these commonly referenced tactics.

The landing pages of a site often require attention during an optimisation campaign. When looking at a local approach, it can make sense to do something different with the titles of the landing pages. Adding contact details to such pages can have a dual effect, satisfying both human users and search engine web crawlers that have arrived at the correct place.

Other seemingly small things can pay dividends over time. When engaged in a local struggle for users, minor gains can be of considerable importance. There may simply be a few relevant local listings or review sites. This means that it is absolutely imperative to maximise presence on such platforms. Equally, having a detailed appreciation of the competition can be particularly useful when the penalties for not being aware may be larger than when engaged in a more extensive campaign.

Using a distant consultancy can be a disadvantage when approaching optimisation with a local focus. It is essential for content to be supplied which exhibits an appreciation of local and regional issues. It is much more difficult to attain accuracy and detail from a long way away. Users are very sophisticated and will be swift to detect any errors that survive the editing process.

Therefore it can easily be seen that local optimisation is quite a complicated thing to attempt. Ordinary optimisation is complex, but a local concentration contributes further to that complexity. Despite this, the rewards can be significant and it makes sense for a diversity of companies in many economic sectors to consider it as an option.

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