Free Link Building Services

If you can get something for free they why should you pay for it? Everyone is after a bargain and none of us really want to pay for something if we don’t have to so using a company that offers free link building services can only be a good thing right? Wrong!

You have to live by the motto that if something is too good to be true then it probably is. If someone is offering to do something for free for you then you have to question why. Thorough link building services are not something that can be done over night, so if someone is offering to spend weeks & months on your link building campaign for nothing then you really do need to ask why they would do this.

Often companies that offer free link building services offer instant results. They offer the chance to get 5000 back links over night for free! It doesn’t cost them anything to do this and takes up very little time which is how they can offer to do it at no cost. However Google will soon recognise that in the space of 12 hours you have gained thousands of backlinks and this will have a negative effect on your websites rankings rather than the positive one you were hoping for.