Content management needs researching

There may be some people who assume that a content management system will serve as a cure-all to their content issues. If they want competent SEO to be done on their behalf, it is important that they understand this is not the case. For some time, experts have been concerned about the compatibility of content management arrangements and optimisation. There is almost definitely a content management system out there which will satisfy the needs of any firm. However, there may also be some examples of the technology which will not suit a company’s requirements.

Managing enterprise content is a subject which has attracted a considerable amount of attention down the years. Books have been written on best practice in the field. Novice site owners will do well to put their trust in ethical consultants who are familiar with the technical issues.

How can content management systems help?

Content systems can be useful for a number of sites. If lots and lots of content will be applied to a site then the employment of an appropriate system can be a genuine boon. They can help in instances where a coding situation might become an awkward issue. Nonetheless, if the content system does not take into account optimisation needs, then the move could be a mistake. So, checking for the right features is likely to be a rewarding step.

The right features which a content system should have are hard to express without using to technical language. It makes sense to prioritise those features which you feel are essential above those features which are just nice to have. In that respect, it is a bit like drawing up a job specification for a potential employee. An experienced consultant will be familiar with the task and will be in a good position to match the list of features with an available system.

Some consultants may not agree on what makes an essential or a desirable feature of a content system. Nevertheless, consultants may agree that a system should use URLs that do not contain tracking elements. One expert is quite clear that it is essential for a system not to do this because it could produce problems going forward in relation to supplying what search engines want.

What are the desirable features of a content system?

It has been suggested that a desirable feature of a system is that it should enable keywords to be used in URLs. One can see that such an innovation does not necessarily have to be included in a system. Whereas it is apparently possible to be penalised for using URLs that use tracking elements because of problems with duplicating content, not using keywords only has the potential to reduce relative performance.

Some content systems facilitate breadcrumb navigation – this allows users to keep track of their locations within programs or documents. This could again be considered to fit into the desirable category. A content system which does not enable this type of navigation might not affect a site’s performance. On the other hand, it might be a shame to leave the option on the shelf when deciding on how to manage content.

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