An Amazon Kindle smartphone: the implications

It seems that Amazon is steaming ahead with producing a rival to the Apple iPhone. This may well have implications for the future of mobile SEO. Some experts are sceptical, however, about how successful Amazon will be with its new venture. Consultants should be open-minded and should not be in a hurry to dismiss Amazon’s project. This move by Amazon is another confirmation that mobile search engine optimisation is set to grow in importance.

Amazon’s ambitions

According to reports, Amazon is trying to acquire patents which will protect it from any accusations of infringement when its technology is up and running. It is working in partnership with a Chinese producer of mobile phones. Amazon is a large corporation and clearly wishes to take part in what is set to be a massive global smartphone market. Although Amazon made its early moves secretly to limit the amount of potentially damaging publicity, it would not have begun the project if it did not think it could be a worthy competitor to the the likes of Apple and HTC.

Amazon has been successful with tablets

The prospects of Amazon being successful with its smartphone are hard to assess. However, Amazon did manage to do very well with its Kindle Fire tablet. This might show that Amazon has what it takes to be distinctive and profitable with its smartphone scheme. However, one sceptic believes that Amazon will not be able to repeat its success because it will have difficulties with the technology and with competitive pricing.

In particular, the critic suggests that Amazon is likely to base its strategy on content delivery. The content it delivers via its tablet has been successful, but there is doubt about whether or not a similar strategy could actually work well on a different type of device. There are fears that Amazon might not be able to lever in enough apps. It is correct to point out that the markets in smartphones and tablets are not the same.

Not insurmountable challenges

While it could be accurate to say Amazon might not find it easy to get its smartphone moving in the way that it would want, it would not be sensible to believe that it cannot make progress. The fact that it has good brand recognition and a great reputation with many customers is a start.

It may also have the ability and commercial power to bring something unique to the table. As for the technicalities of content and apps, it is hard to tell precisely what Amazon is aiming for. Thus, speculation about Amazon not being able to deliver on these issues seems unwise at best.

Too soon to tell

It is far too early to write off Amazon’s smartphone aspirations. Equally, it is too soon to see what practical differences there may be in optimisation terms if the project does gather momentum.

The move is yet another reminder that consultancies must have their sites prepared for mobile readiness. Even if Amazon does fail to make a smartphone which sells well, their desire to do so is a sign of the way in which internet usage is headed.

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