Tools for mobile readiness

Almost everyone involved in ethical SEO has been aware of the challenge posed by the mobile revolution for some time. Econsultancy has suggested that over half the British population are now smartphone users. An expert has pointed out that the beauty of mobile search is that it is so simple for the potential consumer. Often someone will have a good idea of what they are looking for and they will want to access it swiftly without bothering with a PC or laptop.

Website optimisation for mobile

Responsive design is frequently the answer for a site. If this process is implemented then the web page normally adapts well to the technology being used. In Spring 2012, Google finally made it clearer what they want sites to do in terms of being accessible for mobile devices. When a site is adequately readable then it at least stands a chance of being successful in its mobile SEO efforts. For a business that wants to showcase itself to a local target audience, being in the mobile-site arena can be very profitable.

What to bear in mind before choosing a tool

It is important for consultants to be clear about what needs to be done before they consider using particular tools to help them. They should be conscious of the fact that responsive design is not the only way to adapt a site for mobile audiences. If a consultant goes down the responsive design route then they have to keep an eye out for potential glitches. These include sluggish loading times and possible restrictions on the design of the site. It’s important to remember that no approach is free from problems.

Choosing the responsive design route

If you choose to follow the responsive design route you must have a good working knowledge of web design and HTML. There is help out there though, if you’re rusty, in the form of guides and tools such as Gridless. HTML 5 Rocks is also a relevant and useful guide.

Similar tools for existing sites

There are times when consultants must adapt an existing site so that it can benefit from mobile users. For this, many people use DudaMobile or GoMo tools. They are related to one another and there is not a massive difference between them. Therefore you have to weigh up which one will be best for a specific site.

Other options for sites

DudaMobile and GoMo are not the only options for consultants altering an existing site. They may well look at Mobify and WixMobile too. Their experience will allow them to assess whether or not one of these tools is going to do the job better than the others.

Tools don’t abolish complexity

You might have thought the availability of tools would bring optimisation down to the level at which a skilled amateur could do it. The reality is that selecting and using tools which make sites work well for mobile remains a specialist task, and optimisation is a continuous and difficult process. Often, only sites which receive the best and most appropriate techniques succeed and continue to develop.

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