Funny Videos On A New Social Network Called Keek

Sharing funny and fun videos online can sometimes feel like a major chore. And a major bore. Recording the video is easy enough but waiting through long upload times can take all the fun out of the process. Your video will then likely be buried under a mountain of irrelevant videos, such as music videos, television shows, movies and even useless memes that clog up so many sites. Being funny on video isn’t as easy as it used to be.

However, there is a service called “Keek” that many people may not know. This website is a rapidly growing community of video makers that focus on creating short, highly personalized and funny videos. Although some videos are more serious, the main focus of “Keek” and its services it to provide a fun and funny outlet for talented humorists such as you.

People interested in “Keek” must start a profile, much like a normal social networking site. This is because “Keek” operates like a social networking site, connecting a wide range of video makers and watchers. Upload a picture, tell us a little bit about yourself and get ready to upload the web’s funniest new videos.

One of the best aspects of “Keek” is the wide range of posters. Young kids as well as the elderly all post on the “Keek” site. Filters let you choose what age range or video type you want to see. For example, kids under 18 should have no access to videos that feature content not suitable for them. Parents can set up these filters for their children, in order to keep them safe.

Another great aspect of “Keek” is how simple it is to use. Users can use a webcam, Android or iPhone camera to capture their videos. The “Keek” app for the Android and iPhone is simple to download and easy to use. The cell phone aspect of this service is especially useful as you never know what hilarious moments you can capture with your cell phone.

For example, let’s say you are walking down the street and you see a mime. A mime in your town is a weird sight and you’ve never seen one before. He’s actually miming some very strange things as well: such as boxing or digging. Take out your iPhone or Android phone, capture the video of this strange mime and upload it to your “Keek” account.

Moments later, the video will appear on your profile. It will then be set into the “Keek Video Feed” ensuring that a wide range of people see your video. Spread your videos across social networking sites like “Twitter” and “Facebook” to spread your sense of humor and capture special moments to you. Try to hit the top 100 to be one of the funniest people on the Internet.

All of these options and more are available at “Keek.” Post your videos status updates and check out other users’ profiles to meet new people. Add these people to your “Friends” list. This makes “Keek” a great way to meet new, hilarious people that post funny videos.

Keek seems to have the makings of an unique new social platform. You’re able to upload funny videos, talk to friends or do something silly, right from your phone.