Mobile design is a priority

In February 2012, an expert mentioned a report that said less than 10 per cent of sites were prepared for the mobile revolution. There had been an improvement from late 2010 when a survey found that mobile preparedness was at less than half this figure. While the statistics in question related largely to American sites, the broad picture of increasing levels of readiness is widely applicable. However, there are still many UK sites out there which are not suitable for mobile. Therefore mobile web design is a very important topic.

Mobile web design counts

If a consumer is not happy with the way a site looks on their mobile they are not likely to make a purchase from it. Nor are they likely to recommend the business to a friend or colleague. It is a wise move for site owners to use a consultancy which can use responsive design. In this way their sites can be presented effectively to potential customers.

The content has to be prioritised

It is essential that users can easily find the content which they want. On a mobile, they will not want to spend a lot of time looking around. It is a shrewd idea for consultants to think of the two or three handiest pieces of content which a user is likely to want to use. These should be very convenient to access. A potential customer may wish to find a business, purchase something from it or ask for further assistance about it, for example.

The scrolling issue

A mobile user will want to move up and down rather than from left to right. However, the best sites actually reduce the need to scroll around at all. When it comes to navigation structure, a vertical one is by far the best option. A consultant with the right experience will have the ability to sort out these issues without any fuss.

Brevity works for content

Even when users are accessing a site via a mobile device, the need for quality content is high. It is not just a question of a consultant going through the content on a conventional site and deleting swathes of it without much thought. That approach would lead to key stuff being missed out. Instead, a consultant should break things up with headers, lists and bullet points as appropriate. It is vital to recall that the content must be readable at a distance.

Simplicity equals style

There is a lot to be said for less is more and skilled consultants know this. A site should not be cluttered with paid advertisements. It is never a good idea to feature anything which is not needed. A simple pale background is often an astute choice. Blank space can contribute to usability further. Anything overcomplicated will potentially distract and confuse users.

Bear in mind short attention spans

Users of PCs have quite short attention spans as they browse the web. Users of mobile devices are even more likely to be in a hurry. This is a reminder to everyone of the fact that design issues are imperative.

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