Online marketing can learn from ordinary advertising

Internet marketing is a complicated business. The best campaigns typically use a variety of strategies. Pay per click works particularly well and often helps businesses get off to a good start. Not all consultancies have the experience and skill however to craft excellent advertisements. Some struggle to outperform their rivals because they do not know how to use the limited space effectively. One technique is to learn lessons from outside the virtual world.

Improve click-through rates by being succinct

When thinking about traditional advertising, it is often easier to recall the content of snappy advertisements than those which are lengthier. Being to-the-point is essential when it comes to paid search. Waffling or including non-essential information can dilute the message you are trying to send to the potential consumer. Similarly, some words are used so frequently that duplicating them does little to promote the specific product. Weeding out these words is therefore a sensible way forward.

Brainstorming and other stimulating activities

When writing advertising copy, a variety of techniques can be used to get the creative juices flowing. These can be quite simple, like brainstorming. When you are writing, try to use everyday language when writing your copy and write in a warm tone to appeal to your customers, just as you would if you were talking to them face-to-face. Imagine what you would say to them to promote your product.
Focus on the positive

Goods or services must have something positive about them which appeals strongly to a target audience or buyer persona. It is crucial that the text highlights these positives. There are various ways in which it is possible to test whether or not particular messages chime with potential customers. These include polls and focus groups, both of which can be conducted online. When you have discovered the most successful message, incorporating it is quite straightforward.

Testing towards success

When considering individual words, some will obviously work better than others. Some words may fail to distinguish an advertisement from those produced by competitors. In the offline world, advertising people try to avoid blandness by being imaginative and tapping into our daily lives. While text in paid search cannot always copy this precisely, looking at the power of specific words by testing is a productive step. It is important to examine click- through rates and conversion rates during this testing.

Calls to action

Advertising is all about persuasion. If the text contains a powerful call to action then fewer people will resist its pull. It is great to inspire curiosity because this can tempt users to act in the way that you want. Sometimes, the use of a free sample can help to get clicks because such offers have a wide appeal.

Don’t leave it at work

Paid search experts do not just keep doing the same old thing. They do not confine their thinking to working hours. They know that a visit to the supermarket provides an opportunity to assess different methods of marketing. In addition, they realise that all the advertising they are exposed to can help them to generate new ideas.

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