Woman seeks compensation over horse stamp injuries…

A woman who suffered serious facial injuries when a horse stamped on her has contacted a personal injury solicitor in order to take forward a compensation claim, it has been revealed.

According to a report in the Journal, Kara Goldsmith was riding the animal in March 2008 with the intention of buying him when he started to rear and buck, throwing her to the ground. As the 39-year-old mother lay on the field, the horse stamped on her face.

As a result of the damage she sustained, she required multiple operations on her face. Doctors described the facial injuries as the worst they had ever seen.

She remained in Sunderland Royal Hospital for two weeks after the incident and when she left she was still struggling to speak and had to be fed by a tube.

Ms Goldsmith is suing businessman Bradley Patchcott, who had put the creature up for sale. Her personal injury solicitor suggests that the owner did not warn her that the nine-year-old animal, named Red, could be difficult to control.

Commenting on her compensation claim, she said: “The last four years have been a hell of a journey. I have come a long way but I still have a long way to go. I have had nearly 30 operations and will need more in the future.

“This legal action is not about the money. I just want the owner to admit responsibility and to maybe stop this from happening to someone else.”

Meanwhile, talking about the incident itself, she remarked: “I was lying under the belly of the horse and I saw the hoof coming down on my head. When I got up I tried to ring my husband, but I couldn’t speak. My face had been split open. I looked down and saw the blood and the contents of my mouth was hanging from my mouth and I caught it in my riding hat.”

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