Self Driving Car May Impact On Traffic Offences

When people are accused of committing traffic offences, they often get in touch with motoring solicitors to help them fight their cases. New technology being trialled in the US could have an impact on the type of offences road users are charged with.

Internet giant Google has succeeded in getting a license in Nevada to test its self-driving cars. Many people feel unsettled by the prospect of cars like this appearing on the highways, but those behind the technology claim it could represent a leap forward in auto safety.

To comply with the terms of the license it has been given, Google must ensure that its self-drive vehicles are manned by two individuals at all times. These cars use GPS, motion sensor and artificial intelligence software to navigate their way around and negotiate potential obstacles.

Commenting on the impact these vehicles may have on road safety, head of auto testing at Consumer Reports David Champion told CNNMoney that they could reduce deaths by a considerable margin, but only if all cars are computer-driven.

He remarked: “I think if all the cars were self-driving, it would be a benefit. I think a mixture would be a bit chaotic.”

According to the expert, this is because people are better at predicting the behaviour of other people than humans will ever be. He added: “When I’m approaching an intersection, I look to see of the other driver is looking at me. If he’s looking somewhere else and inching forward, I’m going to lift off the gas.”

Engineers working on the technology believe it will not be too long before self-driving cars are commercially available. It is not clear how this development will affect the kind of traffic offences that are committed and the circumstances in which people require the help of motoring solicitors.

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